If there’s one thing we all agree about regarding


, it’s that nothing has been what we expected. Since the ‘leave’ vote, it’s been difficult to determine the difference between fact and fiction. Each side of the divide seems more set on convincing us than giving us the facts. Some say Brexit will make us richer, while others expect it to plunge us into poverty. Some say the housing market is set to plummet, while others swear it’ll remain steady. Through all these high claims and confusions, the one thing which seems sure is that no one knows what they’re talking about. That’s no surprise when you consider that we’re paving the way. Rather than growing frustrated at the seeming lack of information, then, it seems we need to expect the unexpected. We can’t trust what we’re told, but not for the reasons we expect. We can’t trust it because, at this stage, it’s all speculation. There is no guideline, and the financial impact of leaving the EU has yet to be determined. But, that doesn’t help if you’ve decided to ride the Brexit trading wave. Investment trading anywhere in Britain right now is pretty cheap. That’s due to the uncertainty of the financial climate. There are those out there, though, who claim that buying cheap stocks now could see real returns. Then, there are those who argue that you’ll lose everything if you invest in trading at this stage. There are tempting arguments on either side, so how can you ride this wave without falling off your £10 note? Read on to find out.

Know which markets to invest in

Every market is different, and each one will feel the sting of Brexit in different ways. Doing your research here can help you pick the right wave from the off. Forex trading is especially volatile right now, due to the risk of a considerable drop in the value of the pound after a hard Brexit. But, this works both ways. If you are considering

day trading Forex

right now, investing in the dollar could see you cashing out as investors look to move their money to a more protected economy. Even investing in stocks right now is a game of two halves. Many seemingly unrelated companies may get hit by increased tariffs and trading costs which lead to drops in their markets. Whatever you’re trading in, make sure you know how Brexit will impact it before cashing your bets.

Answer the unanswerable

As mentioned, this is a period of many unanswerable questions. If you want to trade right now, you should do what you can to answer them. That means

watching every Brexit development

and implementing each one to your potential market. While this is still guesswork to some extent, feeling your way here could put you in the best place to earn big. Keeping your eye on the ball also allows you to pull out if a hard Brexit takes a turn which puts your money at risk.

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