The temperatures are rising, evenings are getting longer, and beach parties are beckoning. That means only one thing—it’s time to whip out the shorts. 

A reliable summer staple that we reach for year after year, women’s shorts are just about as versatile as it gets. You can even get away with wearing the same trusty pair in different settings. Taking a casual stroll? Throw them on with a t-shirt and sneakers. Brunching with the girls? Slip on a blazer and heels. Glamming up for a night out? Put on a coordinating crop top. Need we say more? Hot weather also calls for comfort; there’s nothing worse than feeling restricted when you’re out and about in the heat. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style in order to continue rocking the relaxed trends that we’ve all become accustomed to during the WFH era. Among the countless on-trend styles to choose from, shorts remain the queen of practicality. In other words, you can look unapologetically chic while at work or running daily errands (or even just topping up your tan)—all without breaking too much of a sweat! And if by September you’re getting ready to pack up your shorts for the year ahead, think again. Shorts have so much more to offer, especially when it comes to protecting your modesty on a windy day! So, unless you’re prepared to reenact the iconic Marilyn Monroe scene on a breezy fall morning, trade your flowy skirts and dresses for their reliable counterpart. You won’t need to compromise on elegance either. There are plenty of trendy short styles that still give your look a feminine touch. Ready to find your signature pair? Keep reading to discover the hottest summer short trends in 2022. We’ll also reveal some of our top tips on how to give them some longevity to see you through the cooler months! And don’t forget to pair your look with a pair of stylish men's waterproof shoes for all-day comfort and style.


Boxer Shorts

We’re all familiar with boyfriend t-shirts and blazers, but there’s another style that’s borrowed from the boys and it belongs in your closet. The fashion industry has reinvented boxer shorts, transforming them into ultra-flattering shorts for women. Just as breezy as they are stylish—they effortlessly take your look from bed to beach. The right pair is crafted from soft weaves, flares out a little, and has a comfy, high-rise waistband. But our favorite feature is that they’re breathable for even the hottest of summer days. Treat them as you would your denim shorts by adding a matching boyfriend shirt and sandals on vacation, or throw on a sporty sweatshirt for a chic weekend look. Wondering if they suit a formal setting?

Vogue refers to them as a surprising contender for androgynous evening wear. Juxtapose their laid-back look with something more elevated like a boxy blazer and a pair of strappy heels. When the cool weather starts to creep in, however, we recommend delegating your boxer shorts to your loungewear.


Biker Shorts

You read that right, biker shorts aren’t going anywhere. And if you missed this one, wearing them doesn’t mean that you’re gearing yourself up for the Tour de France—these sporty shorts unexpectedly took the fashion industry by storm in 2018. While the athleisure trend first made waves in the ‘80s (pioneered by Princess Diana), the influential power of the Kardashians made them a modern must have. Other celebs shortly followed suit, combining them with oversized tees, sweaters, and blazers. The beauty of biker shorts is their versatility. They belong in your night-out ensemble just as much as they do in your activewear—looking equally chic with heels or your day-to-day sneakers. Their ability to shape-shift an outfit also helps style you through the seasons since throwing on baggier layers is actually what gives them their charm. Not convinced? Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t knock their staying power.


Leather Shorts

When the temperature rises, leather isn’t a fabric we’d instinctively dress in. The initial thought of it gives us flashbacks of the Friends episode where Ross gets stuck in a pair of sweaty leather pants. That’s not to say that leather shorts don’t deserve a place in your summer closet. Bermuda and paper bag leather shorts are far from restrictive, keeping your look sharp without compromising on comfort. But if you’re in need of a similar fabric that’s even more lightweight, stay cooler (in all respects of the definition) by opting for faux leather shorts. Feeling daring? Rock a pair of red leather shorts to flaunt your sexy side and inject some color into your outfit. Black leather shorts mean business on the other hand.

Sanctuary Clothing adds that they’re also seasonless and can be worn to the office all year round by pairing them with the likes of a white blouse, trench coat, and tights if it’s too cold to bare your legs. When you’re off-duty, don’t forget to throw over a chunky-knit sweater for that unbeatable cozy feeling in the fall.


Denim Shorts

We practically live in jean shorts in the summer, and we’re not ready to give them up this year. Commonly combined with laid-back tees and sneakers, you can give denim shorts an elegant look by styling them with puffed sleeve blouses, peplum tops, and linen blazers. If you’re going on vacation, don’t forget your denim cut-offs. Their versatile style allows you to create infinite outfit combinations, which is useful when you don’t have much space in your suitcase. As we advise at Slummy Single Mummy, pair a block color tank top with denim shorts and sneakers during the day for a casual look. All you need to do is trade the tank top for a sleek black bodysuit and blazer and you’re ready for evening cocktails! And if you want to channel those fleeting summer vibes as you transition to fall, you can wear some sheer tights below even the cheekiest shorts. Step into some knee-length boots for a bit more coverage; or failing that, rocking a pair of mid-length shorts mid-season is the way to go.