The key to any successful marketing campaign is a varied approach which looks to utilize a number of strategies to best reach the target audience. There are two such methods which have been wrongly considered to be old hat when it comes to advertising and they are SMS and email marketing. There is a widely held belief that email marketing no longer offers the return on investment than it once did, and SMS marketing, despite its clear success, is often dismissed by many in the industry. However, messages can be converted from email to SMS, ensuring that your emails are being seen immediately! 

Regardless of the myths which these campaigns carry, the combination of the two for business is a powerful strategy which can seriously help to reach clients old and new, and continue to market the business. There are a number of services which offer this option to business,

email to SMS services from Edgility

is a great example of a service which can help your business launch this strategy. If you do decide to opt in, here are just some of the benefits of combining these two strategies. 

Permission Based

Following the emergence of digital marketing so many agencies and businesses began to spam like crazy, and that has certainly muddied the waters of many areas of digital marketing. The beauty of both of these strategies however is that you have to get the customer’s permission before you send them information. There are also ways to send SMS campaigns that are part of the TCPA text message exemptions. This not only maintains customer happiness, it also gives you a further indication of who is interested in what you have to say. 

Full Spectrum Marketing Approach 

Broadly speaking, through the combination of the two strategies you can offer a full spectrum approach to your clients. Through email marketing you can make it personal and use this as the perfect tool to manage and build relationships between you and the customer. Coupled with this, your SMS campaign will help to secure the deal once you have created that relationship, in this respect the two strategies work collectively for your business. 

Using SMS to Set Up 

We know that shorter emails perform better, but sometimes you need to add a wealth of information to an email, when you are launching a new product for example. If you employ both SMS and email marketing strategies then you can use an SMS to prep the customer for an upcoming email. Beyond anything else, the fact that you get more characters on the SMS than you will on the subject line of an email, will give you a better chance of getting that customer engaged, without asking much from them. 

Instant Response

 Figures show that while there is a high percentage of people who check email from their phones, they are more likely to respond quickly to an SMS than they would do an email. This isn’t conducive to your business offering limited time offers or flash sales via emails. If however you have both strategies operating at the same time, then your slower burning information can be sent via email and the quick response stuff can be delivered via SMS for better and faster engagement. 

Combining two or more marketing strategies at once will always be the smartest option for your business. In most cases however those two strategies are not able to complement one another in quite the same way as email and SMS marketing are able to.