Stefan Soloviev, a name synonymous with "go big or go home," hails from the vibrant streets of Manhattan, New York. Born into the lap of luxury as the son of real estate tycoon Sheldon Solow. Stefan Soloviev's journey commenced at an early age. His teenage years saw him not only navigating working in his father's buildings but also delving into commodities trading, a diversion that eventually steered him away from the realm of real estate to his true calling – the agriculture industry. Despite the advantages of a privileged upbringing, Soloviev wasn't handed a silver spoon, fueling his determination to carve out his empire. In stark contrast to his father's path, Stefan Soloviev's business domain spans various sectors, encompassing real estate, agriculture, renewable energy, infrastructure, and others.

Continuing the Real Estate Legacy

While Soloviev and his father held differing business philosophies, Stefan Soloviev continued working with him, even after carving a niche for himself in agriculture. In 2020, when Solow passed away, he bequeathed the reins of the Solow Building Company to Stefan Soloviev. Boasting over 50 years of shaping Manhattan's landscape, the Solow Building Company has been the architect, constructor, and manager of some of the city's most distinguished commercial and residential real estate. Notable properties include the iconic 9 West 57th Street, a 1.6 million square foot office tower, and residential holdings like 685 1st Ave and the modern Solow Townhouses.

In April 2021, the formation of the Soloviev Group was announced, acting as the holding company for Stefan Soloviev's diverse business interests, with Soloviev taking the helm as the Chairman.

Cultivating Innovation and Sustainability in Agriculture

Beyond the towering skyscrapers, Stefan Soloviev is the CEO and founder of Crossroads Agriculture, a groundbreaking, fully integrated farming and ranching operation unlike any other, based in Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico. His foray into agriculture began at the age of 22, shortly after tying the knot. Trading wheat and arbitraging it, coupled with a federally subsidized Farm Credit loan, laid the groundwork for Crossroads Agriculture. More than two decades in the industry have seen Stefan Soloviev revolutionize grain farming, acquiring vast lands in Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico.

Stefan Soloviev's belief in socially responsible businesses is evident in his commitment to giving back. Despite lacking a formal education or background in agriculture, he learned the ropes firsthand from the farmers themselves. Creating a vertically integrated agribusiness is not just a business move for Stefan Soloviev; it's a way of honoring the hardworking farmers who became his mentors.

Bridging Agriculture and Infrastructure for Sustainable Growth

Beyond the fields, Stefan Soloviev's influence extends to the infrastructure sector. The New York and Atlantic Railway, owned by Stefan Soloviev, is a vital freight operator in the region. Purchasing the railroad wasn't just a strategic move; it was a means to get grain from his and his neighbors' farms to market efficiently. 

In a world where companies are increasingly valued for their social responsibility, Stefan Soloviev stands as a beacon, weaving purpose and ethical behavior into the fabric of his diverse business empire.

Pioneering Sustainability Across Diverse Ventures 

Stefan Soloviev is not merely a businessman; he's a visionary championing sustainability across his ventures. His commitment reaches beyond agriculture, as he invests in wind and solar energy projects, weaving technology, sustainability, and innovation into the fabric of his business strategy. 

The juxtaposition of his real estate prowess against the backdrop of a thriving agriculture venture showcases the versatility of a leader who refuses to be confined to a single domain. With a commitment to giving back, revolutionizing transportation, and championing sustainability, Stefan Soloviev stands as a dynamic force propelling his diverse empire into the future.