As an entrepreneur the importance of social networking is unsurpassed. It’s a way to generate business and referrals as well as connect with likeminded people.


Know Your Audience


The first thing you need to understand about networking is what your contacts are looking for. Once you understand that, you can refer contacts to other people in your network. Being able to help others find what they are looking for will motivate them to also send referrals your way. This is a process that takes time and can’t be rushed. However, once your network begins to grow, so does your business.


Social Media


Use social media to your advantage. Networking platforms are the perfect place to showcase your professional credentials and let other business professionals know what experience you have to offer. You can highlight your successes by sharingdigital badges on sites like LinkedIn. Displaying earned badges illustrates your achievements are verified. By networking with other professionals, you’ll grow your business better than if you were doing business without it. You’ll have countless opportunities to cross-promote, invest and grow your business stronger. You can also rely on the advice and experience of other business professionals. Being able to learn a different perspective or have fresh eyes look at something you may be struggling with is priceless. You’ll learn what methods and approaches worked for your peers when they were in a similar situation.




Business meetings and events are a great way to grow your network. Interacting with other like minded professionals, you can learn about their business as well as highlight the key points of your own. These connections can reach globally. As you meet and connect with new people, make sure you don’t neglect your local connections. Making a good impression when speaking to others at conferences or business forums, will help build confidence in your company. People will understand your brand and business culture from the way you present yourself and pertinent information. In business, it isn’t just what you know, who you know is equally important.


Reevaluate Goals


You may think that you have all the certifications and qualifications to ensure your business is a success. Through networking, you can see how you stack up against your peers. You may learn that what you have to offer doesn’t stand up to similar successful business ventures. If that’s the case, initiate conversations to understand the reasons behind their motivation and how their additional certifications or knowledge has worked to their advantage. In order to be successful, you know that your approach to business must be one that’s able to evolve as business needs and demands do, and that means implementing new tools where necessary. Failing to keep yourself marketable and desirable among your peers will lessen the likelihood that you’ll continue to get referrals.




Being able to interact and build relationships with others is good for both your physical and mental health. By forming bonds with others, your well-being as a whole improves. It offers a sense of worthiness and accomplishment. Growth isn’t just about making business connections. It’s about fostering relationships and interacting with people who bring out the best in you. Those who succeed are the ones who are open to diversification. Networking with people from different backgrounds, age groups and professions can broaden your horizons and feed your creativity and vision. Networking isn’t just about sharing your skills and abilities, but recognizing and appreciating those of other business professionals. Networking is the best way to sell your strong points to other professionals while giving them a clear idea of how you do business. Forming relationships builds confidence, inspires growth and strengthens business ties.