Many learners would like to start their businesses. It should be a relief to know, then, that all established companies began as startups.  If you are one of those who want to establish a successful company, this article is right for you. Get inspired by the most successful startups founded by students below.


Before You Start 


Establishing a company will surely take you all your free time. The reason is that there are usually tons of things you need to do, from exploring the ideas to obtaining licenses and attracting new customers. But what if you don’t have enough time for building your company because of tons of academic assignments you need to complete all the time? Fortunately, you can get professional essay help online anytime. Now, it is incredibly easy to pay to get homework done by expert writers. This simple trick will help you improve your academic performance and spend as much time as you need launching your business. Now, let’s discover the top most successful companies established by students. 




Facebook was a pioneer in social media. The company appeared to be a real breakthrough in the world of online communication. It was started in early 2004 by a group of students who wanted to create a community to connect learners from their university. However, the service began growing rapidly and soon went out from the borders of the university campus. Currently, Facebook has an amazing number of over 1.39 billion active users. Moreover, thousands of new members join the network every day. Facebook is constantly improving its interface, adding new features and handy tools to make the user experience even better. 




You will be amazed to discover that Google, one of the most powerful and convenient search engines, was also developed by students. Both founders were receiving a Ph.D. degree at Stanford University. The search engine was developed in the students’ dorm room and got the name BackRub. The service analyzed backlinks to check the importance of different websites. The investors from Silicon Valley noticed the startup and granted it $100,000 for further development of a new company. The first Google office was set up in a garage. Now, it is a company worth more than $290 billion. Google is one of the brightest examples of how two bright minds can make a real breakthrough in technology and software. 




One of the first messaging applications was also founded by a group of students from Stanford. The service allowed sharing funny pictures with dozens of friends in a blink of an eye. It became incredibly popular among hundreds of other students. The number of users continued to grow. Currently, Snapchat can boast of having over 230 million active daily users. Moreover, over 5 billion snaps see the world every day. The service remains one of the most popular apps for iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, it is constantly updating, providing users with the most revolutionary functions. 




This world-famous networking and discussion service was also developed by students. By the way, the learners were not planning to create such a global solution but were focused on creating a common app to order sandwiches. However, soon they changed the main concept of the service and set up Reddit. 


The main idea of the new solution was very simple. It was an online board created with the help of backlinks and plain text. The service also had two buttons that allowed users to rate the post as good or not good. Reddit currently hits the top 10 most popular websites in the United States. Moreover, the company continues to conquer new markets in other countries. Although it has a simple design and limited communication options, it is still attracting more and more new users. 




This top software company was also founded by students. Microsoft was created by two highly skilled students who were fond of computer programming. It is important to note that their efforts didn’t lead to incredible success right at once. The founders worked hard and were struggling for the first several years. They got fantastic results and started to gain popularity after their MS-DOS solution obtained a license. It was early 1981. Now, Microsoft remains one of the most influential companies all over the world. It has dozens of different projects not only in software development but also in many other niches, including engineering, space, medicine, and dozens of others. 


All in all, there are many other companies with world fame that were founded by students. If you would like to create something completely new or have an out-of-the-box idea, it is always the best time to start implementing it. Just trust yourself, do what you need to do, and don’t be afraid to put all your skills and knowledge into practice. Who knows, maybe it is time to shake the digital world with an innovative solution?