A recently released YouGov poll said 56% per cent of the UK population were afraid of public speaking. 


the scientific term for 

speech anxiety, 

is a very common fear that holds many people back in their work and jobs, causing a great distress in their lives. Overcoming such phobia isn't easy at all, as there are many interconnected elements that need to be addressed. However,

The Speaker's Coach

, a new book by Graham Shaw, a TEDx speaker with over 23 million views, is tackling that and provides more than 60 secrets to succeed in public speaking. The perfect presentation doesn’t happen by magic – it’s the result of preparation and practice. New book The Speaker’s Coach by Graham Shaw reveals all the secrets of delivering an amazing speech, talk or presentation which can make anyone a public speaking-pro. The book is split into three sections – preparing, practicing and performing. Graham has found that if these three elements are mastered– anyone can deliver a memorable talk to win over an audience.

Polishing your performance

In the short time it takes to read this book, readers will have access to all the best secrets Graham has gathered over his 20 years working as an international professional speaker and coach, with huge brands such as the BBC and HSBC. Graham has also coached many TEDx speakers, and his own talk has over 23 million views. The Speaker’s Coach is quick and easy to read. It can be flicked through months, weeks or even on the morning of your presentation to quickly pick up tips on making a speech more polished. By the end of the book, readers will be able to:

  • Overcome nerves, rehearse and polish their performance
  • Plan engaging talks that boost personal presence and impact
  • Talk with authority, confidence and impact
  • Handle awkward questions calmly and finish on a high
  • Learn from experience to make future talks even better

About the author

Graham Shaw is a speaker coach and professional conference speaker. He specialises in advanced communication skills and has helped thousands of people to develop the professional skills required to make convincing presentations. He coaches people to enhance their personal presence and impact - and man directors and managers required to make important speeches and conference presentations have benefited from Graham's coaching. Graham is a TEDx speaker viewed over 23 million times online and has coached speakers for TEDx Vienna.

The Speaker's Coach
The Speaker's Coach by Graham Shaw

  • The Speaker's Coach
  • By Graham Shaw
  • Out Now
  • Published by Pearson
  • Paperback Version: £14.99
  • ISBN: 978-1292250946