Cryptocurrency has no physical form; it is an internet-based platform using cryptographic functions for carrying out a transaction. According to a survey by Mastercard, about 40% of crypto holders plan to make a purchase out of the digital currency by next year. 

While there are only limited and convoluted options to spend your cryptocurrency, a growing number of retailers are offering innumerable ways to use it as a currency. If you happen to have some cryptocurrency in your digital wallet but you don’t know how to spend it, you may look through the following random things that cryptocurrency could buy. Let’s take a look at some goods and services that can be bought using cryptocurrencies according to online app Quantum AI.


Event invites and tickets


Two of the professional NBA teams- Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks use BitPay to accept payments. So, while buying tickets to watch your favourite teams live in action, cryptocurrency could give you an edge to find your chosen seats.


Jewellery and makeup


Women and men’s jewellery collections are available to be paid for in crypto at various stores. So, from expensive Rolex watches to sterling silver necklaces, and from Mac eyeliner to Bobby brown lip shade, almost every jewellery and makeup item could be purchased with the cryptocurrency you hold in your wallet.


Real Estate


Cryptocurrency has penetrated with its exciting benefits into the real estate world- buying and renting a property for living and office purposes have never been this easy! Various platforms can be looked out for buying, selling or renting a property with Bitcoin and altcoins. Raven Office Centers in San Francisco and Paralelni Polis in Prague are some of the examples that are famous for being the crypto spots.


Retail and Art


Overstock, a US-based retailer, offers home furnishings and home refurbishing material for cryptocurrency, with no intermediary app or gift card. Similarly, Sotheby’s and Christie’s. auction houses, accept crypto payments for big-item auctions. Further, you could also enjoy additional benefits at various NFT (Non-fungible token) platforms. There is a plethora of marketplaces available that make exclusive art pieces available to fans and admirers.


Cars and automobiles


Bob Moore Auto Dealers, BMW, Tesla, Classic Recreations, and many more dealers and companies accept payments in crypto for automobiles of all types. Although Tesla has stopped this facility, the new dealers are constantly springing up for the customer’s ease and convenience. Flight tickets, car rentals, and taxi rides Travel agencies like Travala, in cooperation with Expedia Group, and many more make travel and tourism quite a lucrative deal for its customers. From flight tickets to lodging, baggage tracking, food, local transfers, and forex facilities, crypto has helped tourists across the world to travel almost hassle-free. Car rentals like Europa cars, various private taxi service providers in Bristol (UK), Budapest (Hungary), and Vilnius (Lithuania) accept payments in crypto.


Daycare and tuition fee payments


Two Montessori day-care centres in Flatiron and Soho (New York) are accepting fees in cryptocurrencies. University of Cumbria (UK) and University of Nicosia (Cyprus) were the first two universities that started accepting fee payments in Bitcoin in 2014. The number of educational institutions with this facility has been on a rise ever since.




Sitting on a huge pile of money, you can utilise your investment in cryptocurrency, especially if you bought it in its early stages of release, for making donations for charity, online dating apps, groceries, buying a casket or an urn to arrange for a loved one’s funeral service, or even implants and plastic surgery. You can always surprise yourself with the vast industries crypto has successfully penetrated to, owing to its transparent, secure and rapid transaction speed.