Three Ways Technology Causes Problems for Your Business, and How You Can Solve Them
Three Ways Technology Causes Problems for Your Business, and How You Can Solve Them

Technology can enrich our lives in many ways. Unfortunately, it can also do the opposite, as any business owner can tell you. When there are so many things on your plate, figuring out the latest technology can seem like a waste of time. Some businesses are still

keeping paper records

simply because it’s what they know! But, if you can figure out how to make technology work for you and your business, you can actually end up saving time and money. Here are three ways that technology can cause headaches for businesses, and how to solve the problem.

Information Silos

Information silos

are extremely common in businesses of all sizes. They can cause business operations to be much more frustrating than they should be, and yet, many businesses don’t realize exactly what’s going on. Information silos are the management systems that don't integrate well with other systems. They cause problems for businesses because they don't allow information to flow freely between departments and/or locations. Getting rid of the problem can take time. However, it can be done with technological programs and apps that seamlessly integrate with each other. Weekly or monthly meetings with every department can help too.

Cable Management

A single computer may have as many as three or four cords connecting it to outlets and other devices. Add multiple computers, printers, and other electronics to the office and you can see how quickly the problem can get out of hand. It’s even worse if you’re dealing with data management systems. There are many ways to organize cords. Zip ties are popular with many businesses, as are color coded cords. Even masking tape can be helpful because it can be used as labels. Of course, the best way to get rid of those cords is to update your appliances with Bluetooth capabilities!

New Apps and Updates

One of the most frustrating parts of technology is the fact that it is changing all the time. As soon as you download a new app or buy a new piece of equipment, there’s something bigger and better out there. Don’t fall for the hype! Start by trying to make what you already have work for you. That means updating programs and systems frequently and understanding how those updates will affect your operation. Next, take a few easy steps to figure out which apps will work best for your business.

  • Make a list of the apps you currently use and get rid of ones that need to go
  • Try to condense your apps. For example, see if you can find an app that does both accounting and invoicing
  • Look for partner apps or add ons that work with your existing apps instead of downloading something brand new
  • Ask other area businesses for advice on which apps they can't live without

Figuring out how to make technology work for your business can be irritating, but it’s well worth your time. By identifying your trouble areas and finding ways to fix them, you can save time and money in the long run!