It can be more than stressful to try to sell your home. If you also happen to be on a tight schedule, it can be even worse. It doesn’t matter if you need to sell due to a personal situation, for financial reasons, or to relocate for a new job; there are a few things you can do in order to increase the marketability of your home while also decreasing the time it spends on the market and attracting strong offers. 


When deciding how you’ll list your home, there are basically two conventional options, you can list it with an agent or sell it yourself. 

If you’re planning to sell your home, one of the more conventional ways is to list it with an agent. The upside to this is that they know just what it takes to sell and do it quickly in the area. They’re able to streamline things such as negotiations, contract prep work, signing, and even closing. That said, you do have to pay them a percentage for this service.

You might also decide to sell your own home. One benefit to this is that you’ll save on what you’d have to pay a real estate agent. You'll need to know how to price your home, as well as how to negotiate the escrow timeline. You should also consult with an attorney that knows a thing or two about real estate law. They can review any contracts in order to ensure they are properly filled out. 

In addition to the conventional choices, there are also several alternative ways to sell your home fast. One of these is to contact one of the house flipping companies in your area. They typically take homes in any condition and fix them up and sell them again for a profit. You can also sell to an investor, to a developer, to a cash home buyer or at an auction. The advantage with these is you don't have to market your property or wait for the perfect buyer to come along.

Declutter and Clean

If you decide to take either of the conventional sales routes, there are several you can do to help a home sell quickly. One thing that you definitely need to do is to make sure the interior is as appealing as possible. This means it needs to be clean and free from clutter. To a potential buyer, a home that is cluttered appears to be too small.

To remedy this situation, hold a garage sale, donate unwanted items to charity and then consider renting a storage unit. Use it to pack away those belongings you want to keep or any large furnishings that make rooms appear to be small, messy, or crowded. 

You might also want to organize your closets. Buyers tend to look for storage space, and this means they’ll definitely be looking in your pantries, storage areas, and closets. Don’t make the mistake of cramming your extra stuff into these spots. Leave ample space in them in order to give potential buyers the impression that there’s plenty of room for their stuff. 

Along with the decluttering, you should perform a deep clean in every space in the house. This includes cleaning the baseboards and door frames, kitchen cabinets, carpets, and tiles. If you’re tight on time, hire a team of professionals for this. 

Make Repairs

You may not have the time to complete major renovations, but it’s still critical to make those minor fixes that may otherwise deter any potential buyers. Patch those spots where paint has cracked or peeled, repair any loose door handles, fix loose tiles, and tighten any faucets that drip. You might also consider painting the interior, swapping out faded or old light fixtures, installing new cabinet hardware, and purchasing newer or matching appliances. 

Selling your home doesn’t need to be difficult. If you take the right steps and prepare, all you’ll need is the right buyer.