Are you planning to take up hospitality management or have you recently graduated from the course? Curious about what your career opportunities are?

Having a degree in hospitality management opens countless career opportunities and enables you to work locally and abroad. Because the hospitality industry continues to grow, expect to earn a good salary from this career.

Having a hospitality bachelor degree can become your ticket to landing any of these jobs:

Front Office Manager

A front office manager works in guest relations and works as the ‘face’ of hotels and resorts. They’re responsible for making sure that guests receive a heart-warming welcome and that all of their needs are attended to as soon as possible.

Front office managers are also in charge of training, supervising, and supporting office staff and receptionists, scheduling shifts, and handling guest complaints. They’re also expected to prepare and implement a strict budget and make sure that all of the company’s policies are met.

Directors of Housekeeping

Directors of housekeeping are usually seen in hotels and are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the establishment. They’re also expected to provide guests with top-notch quality service, as well as a safe and clean environment during their stay at the hotel.

Directors of housekeeping also manage department staff (including housekeepers) and departmental expenses. One of their main goals is to maximize service levels without wasting the resources of the company.

Restaurant Manager

A restaurant manager ensures that the restaurant is operating efficiently. They’re hired to oversee different types of restaurants — from fine local mom-and-pop shops to fine-dining restaurants that specialize in a particular cuisine. They’re also expected to maintain the safety and food quality standards required in the industry.

Catering Assistant

A catering assistant can work directly for a catering company, at a hotel to arrange bookings or in-house at a restaurant. The major responsibilities of a catering assistant include planning menus, reconciling daily income, and developing relationships with food suppliers.

Sous Chef

A sous chef works in the food and beverage industry and is the second-in-command in the kitchen. A sous chef directly reports to the head chef and is responsible for food preparation and planning, as well as overseeing the overall performance of the kitchen staff.

Sous chefs should have a significant degree of supervision as they’re expected to manage a group of cooks and become influential members of the restaurant. They’re also involved in making decisions on inventory management and menu creation.

Travel Agent

The main responsibility of a travel agent is to research and plan trips for groups, couples, and individuals. This process will usually involve finding the best deals on accommodation, excursions, and flights. A travel agent might also have to prepare an itinerary based on the client’s budget and preferred travel destination.

 A travel agent will also have to prepare travel insurance and visas and address clients’ concerns and complaints regarding their trip.

Travel agents are expected to attend regular seminars and workshops to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tourism industry.

In-House Event Planner

An in-house event planner is in charge of bringing visions to life, which is why they’re expected to juggle different tasks simultaneously. In-house event planners have to scout locations, solicit bids, create contracts, manage budgets, and maintain vendor and client relationships.

In short, an in-house event planner is responsible for maintaining and organizing every aspect of an event, including the set-up, tear-down, and clean-up operations. They also need to coordinate all logistical elements of the event and anticipate clients’ needs.

Bridal Consultant

A bridal consultant is someone who helps a bride pick among various accessories and products to ensure that their wedding day is one for the books. Bridal consultants give brides royal treatment and facilitate the sale of wedding gowns and other accessories on behalf of the company they work with.

Spa Director

A spa director functions as the operator and caretaker of the spa. They’re responsible for overseeing the operations of the spa and the performance of the staff. They’re also expected to market the spa using different channels and schedule events to attract clients.

Theme Park Manager

A theme park manager has to ensure that all elements of the park operate efficiently in terms of equipment and staff. They also need to oversee the application of risk assessment and health and safety regulations to create a safe theme park for the employees and the public.

Make Smart Decisions

There are plenty of job options when you have a degree in hospital management — too many that you might even see yourself overwhelmed with options. When choosing which career to choose, take the time to compare options and weigh the pros and cons of each. Remember, the career you choose can significantly affect the quality of your life, so choose wisely!