It may sound simple—

convert mp3 to iPhone ringtone

. But who've an iPhone know better! No matter how much you love using your iPhone, you miss a few conveniences when you use it. Having your favorite song as a ringtone is one of them! Millions of iPhone users are looking for the best MP3 converter so they can set the ringtone of their choice. If you think you're alone in this search, you're not. But the reality is… Finding a decent MP3 converter is an exhausting task! That's why we've compiled a list of the top five converters that offer solutions to the problem and convert MP3 format compatible with Mac OS. The following list is prepared with utmost attention to help you find the best converter. Without further ado, let's start…

Waltr 2 from Softorino

At the top of the list is the Waltr 2 app developed by Softorino. This fantastic app isn't limited to ringtones only; you can also use it to transfer ebooks, music, and videos too. In case you are interested we have this excellent tip of

100% free ringtones.

Waltr 2 is easy to use, fast, and best of all, it doesn't cost a penny! What else can you ask for! Softorino offers the app as a free download, but the latest upgrade to the app trumps all the competition. Softorino is winning the race by a wide margin with its great apps! Softorino has recently introduced a

universal license (UL)

. Users can now use all eleven current apps, upgrades, and future apps for a lifetime for only $2.95.

WinX MediaTrans:

WinX Media Trans takes the second spot on our list. The app is one of the best because of its user-friendly interface. With it, you can easily create and sync original quality ringtones. You might think that the app is free, but unfortunately, it's not! With a price starting at $29.95, it might be a bit expensive for many users. However, the quality that this app offers is well worth the price.


Syncios takes third place on our list. This app is a handy tool for creating and setting ringtones. It supports converting MP3 to M4R as iPhone ringtone and SMS ringtone too. Syncios is easy to use, but the app also has a drawback. Sometimes you get the error message "No device detected" even though your iPhone is still connected to the device. Unfortunately, the software isn't completely free, but we've got good news. The software for creating iPhone ringtones is free! You can use it as many times as you want.

Switch Audio File Converter:

Switch Audio is another MP3 converter that finds a place in our list. Switch Audio Converter supports all popular formats, making the app a must-have! The app is one of the most stable and easy to use. The only shortcoming of switch Audio is that there's no customer support, but you can just overlook that and give the app a try.


If you're a novice user, you should opt for Xilisoft. Personalizing iPhone ringtones is probably the easiest with this app. Another advantage of Xilisoft is that you can create a unique iPhone ringtone that's longer than 40 seconds, which you can transfer directly to your iPhone. The app also has a drawback that's brought it to the last place on our list. It's the slow speed of the app. Compared to the other converters on the market, Xilisoft is relatively slow.

The Bottom Line:

While there are many ways to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtones, you've to be careful to choose the best one. Our list doesn't include converters that would put your iPhone data at risk. Try these apps, and let's know in the comments which one works best for you!