When technology took over the mainstream in our lives, it created a void for the simple enthusiasm we enjoyed- listening to radio shows. Then arrived the podcasts, originally called audio blogs. They were very similar in concept to the radio shows where hosts appeared weekly on-air to discuss almost anything for a long time. As the podcasts evolved in their structure and pattern, they seeped into our lifestyles, giving us valuable information about a range of topics simply at the convenience of a click of an icon. 

As a trader or a crypto enthusiast, you would like to stay informed about almost everything happening in the crypto realm. But given the fast pace of life and ever so dynamic nature of the crypto markets, it is almost impossible to stay abreast with everything. This is where podcasts play their role to supply the required information in a surprisingly convenient manner. Amongst the plethora of platforms available over the internet, finding the perfect one that can foster your need to strike a balance between interest and relevance could be a challenge. Here, we are presenting some of the podcasts that have topped the charts over the year 2021.


The Money Movement Podcast


The global economy is experiencing unprecedented change. To keep up with the pace, leading companies thrive to transformto become more digital, resilient and efficient. The world is revolving around the promise of digital currencies and blockchains, forming a new architecture for the global economy and creating new opportunities for companies and people everywhere. The Money Movement explores and chronicles the ideas and opportunities that are driving this new world of digital money. The Money Movement is brought to you by Circle, with a mission to raise global economic prosperity through the frictionless exchange of financial value.




Hosted by Laura Shin, senior editor of Forbes, it is one of the best podcasts, where you can learn about the unheard but useful things about crypto. Being a creative hostess and having extensive knowledge about crypto, she amazes her audience with a new topic on every fresh episode that airs every week (avg time 50 minutes).


The Bad Crypto


Having aired more than 200 episodes to date, the hosts of the show- Travis Wright and Joel Comm, mainly discuss crypto news and the latest developments. Their wealth of knowledge and interpreting the events based on reliable data and historical trends makes it an interesting show to wait for. With two shows a week, each of average length 51 minutes they don’t take much of your busy schedule while giving you the most informed updates.


The Breakdown


If you are interested to get into the intricacies of the crypto trade spanning geopolitics and macroeconomics, Nathaniel Whittemore would not disappoint you. He presents crypto trade from almost every angle beyond the top layer of trading, analyzing deeply its different aspects. The high-quality content of each podcast prompts you to stay tuned to every episode that is short (avg 19 minutes each) yet crisp, and above all highly entertaining!


What Bitcoin Did


After understanding the nitty-gritty of crypto as being a miner and crypto trader, Peter McCormack focuses majorly on Bitcoin, its growth, and its relevance in today’s economy. The educational content it carries with itself, easy comprehension, and his star guest list, including Vitalik Buterin, Winklevoss twins, and Zooko Wilcox become the key reasons to follow his podcast to stay updated.




Since its first episode in 2013, the show has hosted the likes of Gavin Andersen, Joe Lubin, and Charlie Shrem. Sharing on the hot topics including Bitcoin, and the evolution of the crypto world, and intermittent Q&A sessions makes the hour-long process extremely interesting every Thursday of the week.


Coin Mastery


Being a professional investor and marketer himself, host Carter Thomas makes the podcast addictive owing to its immense wealth of knowledge about safe ways to invest in crypto. He insightfully shares about venturing capital investments and managing digital currencies. You could get supportive tips and tricks to earn while trading and investing.




This podcast is a real help to the crypto miners especially, covering up the topics for novice crypto enthusiasts to the seasoned ones in the most entertaining way. It has hosted guests like Bobby Ong from CoinGecko, and Zac Prince (CEO of BlockFi). Some of the most complex topics- China’s dominating appearance in the Bitcoin mining industry, the ways to grow the crypto stack by retail investors, and general investment tricks and tips are what keep its audience glued to every broadcast this channel makes.


The Pomp Podcast


Formerly known as Of the Chain and hosted by Anthony Pompliano, the channel is followed by over half a million Twitter account holders. Guests like ChangPeng Zhao (CEO, Binance), Spencer Dinwiddie (NBA Player), and Chris Giancarlo (CFTC Chairman) have graced its episodes with intuitive discussions. The perspective-widening topics range from financial decentralization, fundraising, crypto regulations, investing, and the impacts of blockchain. The knowledge shared over his channel, the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital is worth the attention of a range of audiences.




Consistency in the tone through all the episodes and precision of the opinions is what makes a podcast intriguing and popular amongst the masses. Getting the right information from the platforms where experience and deeper understanding take the podium than just the glamour would help you make an informed and wise trading (and investment) decision. You can also get ample information and training for trading over the crypto with our Forex Affiliate Programs to leverage yourself with the skills while making profits in the crypto trade.