The advancement of technology over the past decade has accelerated the demand for cryptocurrencies. With the rise of crypto popularity, a good number are attempting to take action to take full advantage of the situation. Thought leaders, analysts, and pioneers of digital currency are taking the internet to share their insights and prospects with the global audience. These posts and sharing are leveraging the investors to join the crypto-rush to stay over the top. 

Here are the top influencers of 2021 by Crypto Genisus. These influencers are critical in their reach with their engagement with followers and activity. Also, their quality of posts and role in the industry are also of paramount importance. Further, it is imperative that these have not come under fire for any shady practices- scams, or undisclosed or false advertisements as per Bitcoin Profit Review. Having said that, presenting the exclusive list of influencers.


Andreas Antonopoulos


He is a computer entrepreneur, a blockchain expert, and a cryptocurrency proponent. An unbiased crypto market educator, he has an extensive list of best-selling publications to his name, including- Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking digital currencies, Mastering Ethereum, and the Internet of Money that clearly explain Bitcoin and blockchain technology. He shares his knowledge by various means- tweets (with over 600,000 followers), YouTube channel (aantonop), films, workshops, and shows (Speaking of Bitcoin), where he digs deep into the technical topics like NFTs, DeFi, and Neo banking.


Adam Back


He devised the concept of “proof-of-work” with Hashcash to mitigate spam and denial-of-service assaults via email. Through, Blockstream, he has contributed to a few of the world’s most revolutionary crypto-financial infrastructures. With over 230,000 Twitter followers, he is believed to make a huge impact in the crypto sphere. His unmatched expertise in security architecture, p2p systems protocol designs, and cryptography protocols are what makes his posts more trustworthy and reliable.


Altcoin Sara


She is one of the very few females active in the crypto space. Through her YouTube channel Altcoin Buzz Ladies, she advocates digital currency, sharing crypto news, latest trends, market analysis, and expert perspectives over various crypto issues.


Elon Musk


He is an audacious defender of Bitcoin and dogecoin, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, and the popular “King of Crypto on Twitter”. His social media posts have been established to drive the crypto markets- either making them or breaking their price trajectories, sending investors into a frenzy.


Nick Szabo


He is known for initiating concepts like BitGold and Smart contracts in the crypto spheres. He unabashedly speaks and posts for topics ranging from crypto regulations to the issues with the digital and fiat currencies.


Changpeng Zhao


Commonly called CZ, he is the CRO of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Through his Twitter handle CZ Binance, he shares valuable information and ideas for various investors over the sphere. He found his success over blockchain due to his background in software development, and trading experience for Bloomberg.


Roger Ver


He was one of the very first promoters of Bitcoin in 2011, popularly known as “Bitcoin Jesus”, and is currently the CEO of He has made significant investments in Bitcoin, Ripple, Kraken, and With almost 720,000 Twitter followers, he shares intriguing facts and understanding pertaining to cryptocurrency and its concerns. With philanthropic nature, he has made major donations towards economic education.


Vitalik Buterin


He is the co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine. He has 1.9 million followers on Twitter, makes intelligent comments, reviews, and articles for cryptocurrency and blockchain. He uses his social media platforms to put principles and pragmatism before crypto politics.


Balaji S. Srinivasan


He has been named as one of the world’s most influential figures in finance and technology by Forbes and Wall Street Journal. He was the CTO of Coinbase and is a distinguished investor in crypto and blockchain influencer. He makes bold predictions and shares his opinions on politics, crypto, current affairs, and medicine over his Twitter account.


Erik Voorhees


He is the co-founder of Coinapult and is regarded as an influential voice in the crypto business. The founder and CEO of ShapeShift (the world’s leading exchange platform), he has about 480,000 Twitter followers. With his Medium account, he shares his knowledge on Bitcoin and Shapeshift outspokenly. He is known for creating the world’s first Bitcoin-powered dice game - SatoshiDice.




A beginner or a seasoned trader in the crypto sphere, following these influencers, can give you a fascinating sight of the markets. Arming yourself with an updated piece of knowledge could give you a smart edge over others in these competing markets. You could create ample opportunities for yourself simply by keeping yourself abreast with the latest trends.