With so much uncertainty surrounding university degrees these days it’s no wonder we have seen a dip in the amount of people who choose to go on to university to further their studies. The last decade has seen a surge in the amount of young people who have chosen to go directly into work, after finishing school. So it has never been more important to understand the best degrees to choose for those individuals that want to go to university with some level of confidence that they are going into a strong employment sector.

So with that in mind today we are sharing our list of the top university degrees that offer a pathway into strong careers with ample employment opportunities.


Manufacturing & Logistics


As the world continues to be focused on manufacturing and international business choosing to study the world of manufacturing and logistics is considered to be a stable choice. Degrees such as lean manufacturing combines the mechanical engineering side of manufacturing with the theoretical side of international commerce meaning students graduate with a well rounded understanding of this industry sector.


Business & Administrative Studies


Business and administrative studies is considered a really versatile degree and one that can help forge careers into many different areas of business. Around 85% of business and administration studies students have gone on to find a career in business. That is a particularly impressive statistic considering that this is one of the most popular degrees available at the moment.




With all cities constantly being re-urbanised and developed there has never been more demand for talented and forward thinking architects. According to the Daily Telegraph magazine, 85% of architectural graduates found work, (or went on to further their studies) within six months of graduation.  




Studying engineering has long been a degree that has garnered a large amount of respect due to its complex content and demanding degree programmes. However, it seems like the hard work has all been worth it as now engineering graduates are enjoying an employment rate of 84% upon graduation, proving that it is a degree that is worth the commitment.




Learning a foreign language is usually up there on most people's bucket lists, however it seems that studying it, full time at university is a worthwhile venture. With the world of business becoming more and more international and commerce becoming more global, the need for translators, interpreters and foreign language specialists has never been more in demand.  


Biological Sciences


Biological sciences have seen a recent surge in post-graduate employment as the need for biological scientists has surged, proving that this is a very sold degree for anyone interested in biology and the sciences.  




Law has always been viewed as one of the highest degrees that promise the most well paid career upon graduation. This seems to still be the case as graduates enjoy an employment rate as high as 89% upon completion of a law degree.