The smart home idea is now real as we are able to do tedious tasks easier using a smartphone in our hands. From monitoring all devices to turning a light bulb on or off, smart home devices offer simplicity and efficiency for everyday routines. Smart home startups have become prevalent in recent years so we are about to introduce the most successful ones.


SmartRent is providing both hardware and software for smart homes, and property owners and managers can benefit from its unique solutions. As we now know, SmartRent is one of the enterprise smart home companies aiming at offering seamless systems that control and monitor smart devices throughout the property. SmartRent is a comprehensive solution offering a complete software package for smartphones and computers. You can use the software to monitor all conditions and apply your desired settings if required. SmartRent specializes in reliable hardware devices ranging from cameras, smart plugs, and sensors to precise thermostats and smart locks. 


Simply put, SimpliSafe is more than a growing smart home startup since it’s a well-known and popular solution provider within the smart home ecosystem. SimpliSafe comes with an all-in-one package including a smart hub (base station), smart sensors, and an HD camera tool. So, you can install a customized system in your smart home and access a bunch of possibilities. 

SimpliSafe integrates with smart voice assistants like Alexa to provide instant tasks for those who want remote control features in their living place. The company offers indoor and outdoor cameras, smart locks, video doorbells, and smart sensors for a better and more convenient life. 


SmartThings was acquired by Samsung in 2014 and is one of the fastest-growing smart home startups ever seen. SmartThings has pushed its parent company forward in the market by designing and creating novel smart home solutions used in home appliances. Coupled with innovation and modern technologies, SmartThings gives users simple-to-install hardware and software to achieve extended possibilities. 

You can set up your smart device and connect to the Alexa voice assistant that can be used to control a range of smart devices remotely. SmartThings is one of the most experienced IoT firms that was founded in 2012 to help the smart home idea with cloud-based IoT systems. 


Tried and true, Ecobee is ahead of the competition when it comes to providing premium quality as well as modern designs. Ecobee’s smart devices allow users to control the temperature, monitor the smart home, and enhance comfort and security. Ecobee offers user-friendly products that are green-friendly as well as being one of the world's top-selling brands. It has raised roughly $150M in funding over 6 rounds. 


Latch must be added to our list of the top growing startups as it helps property owners have safer and secure living places. Latch builds both software and hardware tools, and users can control the conditions from a central application. Highly-customized options and affordable prices are the main features the company offers to users and you can make use of third-party smart home tools along with the company’s universal solution. Following its establishment in 2014, Latch has raised a total of $152M in 6 rounds of funding. 


In order to make the concept of sustainable development a reality, Sense saves energy and reduces carbon emissions. Sense has employed cutting-edge technologies and cloud computing solutions to provide seamless communication between you and your smart home. 

The company gives complete integrations with the most popular technologies such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Sense makes use of machine learning practices to wipe out useless data that comes from installed sensors all over the smart home. You can get help from a smart home package that includes sensors and accessories monitored from a central application.

Wyze Labs

Founded in 2017, Wyze Labs has raised $45M in 4 rounds of funding since its inception. Wyze Labs’s high-precision cameras became popular among users as they are simple to install and use. You can deploy a Wyze Cam just in seconds and have full insight into your living place with a real-time mobile application. Wyze Labs builds smart thermostats, smart light bulbs, and security devices that give you a sense of modern life. You can conveniently do your daily routines in a place equipped with Wyze smart home devices and save energy, time, and effort. 


Ring is an American-based smart home startup that raised a considerable amount of funding in 5 rounds. The funding amount is more than $200M and it has 23 investors so far. Ring’s main focus point is home security so that it delivers more than enough in respect of security and safety. It was founded in 2012 and has 10 years of professional experience developing world-class smart home devices. 

You can use a full package offered by Ring or some of the security products. Ring offers complete integrations with other security systems helping customers and property owners with modern security systems.


Tado is a Germany-based startup focusing on using the right solution to enhance energy efficiency and productivity. Tado has raised total funding of more than $150M and it supplies smart thermostats coupled with smart software tools. You can choose from a wide range of wired and wireless products according to your needs.

Users have access to mobile applications designed to establish highly-reliable communication. No matter if you're using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri, Tado has stable integrations with these innovative technologies. 

Wrap Up

Top growing smart home startups utilize the latest technologies like AI, machine learning, IoT, and cloud computing to solve major challenges we face in our life. There has been immense development in recent years in terms of smart home devices and software tools with the proliferation of smart home startups. Smart home startups focus on reducing energy waste and improving the quality of life we have today. But, there is an exciting prospect with the implementation of blockchain technology in smart homes in the near future.