As an Instagram account that is aiming to succeed, one of the most important factors is finding the right niche. It helps you determine your audience type, and find people who are exclusively interested in what you have to offer. In this article, we are going to show you what Instagram niches are performing better in 2022 and why it is so important for you to choose a niche for your media.

Why having a niche is important for an Instagram account?

Whether you are selling a product, providing a service, or creating some content, the niche you pick represents what category it falls into. Instagram, the most popular social media platform with billions of users is a great platform for you and your business. By entering a niche marketplace, you receive particular advantages. Let us look at a few of these:

Fewer competitors

When you pick a particular niche, you automatically eliminate a wide range of competitors. By lowering your competition, you have a higher chance of reaching your suitable audience.

High profits

Research shows that customers are willing to pay more for niche markets, whether regarding products or services. That is why niche markets help you gain a higher income in the long run.

Increasing expertise

By focusing on a certain niche and working with people who specialize in a similar field, you increase your business’ expertise and make sure you are providing much higher quality. This consequentially results in gaining more satisfied customers.

Best Instagram niches for your business in 2022

After reviewing why it is so important for you to pick a niche, we want to show you which of them are attracting more followers and gaining a larger audience. keep along with us:

Beauty and cosmetics

Over the past years, the beauty and cosmetics industry faced a massive expansion. More than half of the young adults nowadays use social media platforms in order to discover new beauty products and make purchases. On platforms such as Instagram, brands have the ability to market their products and create attractive content in order to show what they have to offer. The cosmetics market, being the most popular industry has so much room for success due to the very high demand. Popular sub-niches such as organic cosmetic products, cruelty-free makeup, waterproof products, and whatnot help you gain even a more specific number of customers.


The traveling industry is among the most popular niches on Instagram. Most people love traveling, hence, even if they do not partake, they usually enjoy seeing related content. Therefore, by entering this industry you can provide services while attracting an audience that wants to get involved in those experiences through your content. Almost 80% of travelers use Instagram as the platform to receive travel inspiration.


Duh! Fashion is a niche with such high demand among people of all age groups. Studies show that before the year 2025, the fashion industry’s global revenue will reach a number higher than 1 trillion USD dollars. By providing shopping options, most brands can market their products and sell them straight away, using only Instagram. Moreover, one of the most popular niches that the top influencers and bloggers participate in is fashion. That is why you are most likely to gain a large audience by creating high-quality content and selling your products. Sub niches such as recycled fashion and sustainable products also are on the rise in this industry.


The pet industry is one of the most popular fields in just the US alone, with over 70% of households owning at least one pet. This increasing number results in a high-demand market for pet owners, giving you a good chance of success. Pets require all sorts of products such as special clothes, treats, customs, and hygiene products, and even services such as insurance and so on. On the other hand, most people enjoy animal content on Instagram. With pet celebrities that own hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers on Instagram, you can gain a loving audience by simply creating high-quality content.


The health industry is on a quick rise. As people gain more awareness of the importance of their well-being, they show more and more interest in accounts that provide healthy products and follow content, which helps them in the same journey. From simple recopies to life hacks and health tips, this industry covers a wide range of popular sub-niches.


The fitness industry is a good old neighbor of our previous market. It falls into a similar category. With over 80% of adults following fitness pages, the global revenue of the fitness market and the health industry combined hit a number higher than 100 billion US dollars. That is why so many personal trainers and fitness coaches began to approach this market by posting tips and workout videos, launching brands, and selling related products to their audience.

The Bottom Line

Finding your niche on a platform such as Instagram is a difficult task. However, by doing so you receive numerous advantages that other accounts with no niche simply lose. By specializing in one special group of audiences or a couple of similar niches, you specialize in one marketplace. That is why you can increase your concentration on creating suitable content for an exact group of people. This means you attract a particular audience by providing what they are looking for. There are so many popular ones with very high demand on a social medium such as Instagram. Make sure you look into the most popular niches and sub-niches, picking the ones that suit you and creating content to attract followers and keep them. Good luck!