GaryVee is officially the world's favourite NFT influencer. He is also the 3rd most valuable NFT portfolio, after Steve Aoki and Snoop Dogg, while looking at the celebrity NFT collections.

NFTs creations are taking the markets by storm. From Beeple to Trevor Jones, Mike Parisella, and even Logan Paul, the famous YouTube Star, many NFT artists are creating quite a value out of their content. In fact, more than 20 million pieces of NFTs have been sold to this date, valuing more than US$12 billion.

New research from Traders of Crypto  analysed the biggest NFT influencers across major social media platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. The results reveal the following to find out which ones can be crowned as the most influential. Let's find out the insights from the report.

Top world's favourite NFT influencers


RankInfluencerInfluencer score /10Instagram earnings ($)
6Josie Bellini4.17$22.91
9Crypto Baristas3.44$10.53

  GaryVee (otherwise known as Gary Vaynerchuck) is the world’s favourite NFT influencer. He has the largest number of followers across all four platforms, including 13.6 million TikTok followers. Vaynerchuck earns a whopping US$56,400 per post on Instagram. This helps GaryVee achieve a perfect score for NFT influence. Elliot AKA EllioTrades follows GaryVee at second place, with an NFT influence score of 6.98/10. EllioTrades has 734,200 Twitter followers and earns $2,900 per Instagram post. With no presence on TikTok, EllioTrades is able to secure second place. Farokh is the third-best NFT influence, says the research. He has scored 6.46/10, with active accounts on all platforms, but YouTube. With over half a million followers across Instagram and TikTok, he has 288,600 Twitter followers. Interestingly, two female influencers appear in the top ten positions- Josie Bellini securing the sixth place, while Artchick is at the eighth spot. Josie pioneered NFT art in 2017, and Artchick is popular with her fans to encourage more female creators, collectors, and crypto-comrades to the space.

The most valuable celebrity NFT portfolios



RankCelebrityEstimated value of NFT portfolio
1Steve Aoki$5,650,000
2Snoop Dogg$5,500,000
4Alexis Ohanian$1,400,000
5Logan Paul$901,437
6DJ Marshmellow$787,878
7Neymar Jr.$666,335
9Mark Cuban$571,009
10Justin Bieber$570,427

  According to the research from DappRadar , Steve Aoki, DJ and music producer, has the most valuable celebrity NFT portfolio, an estimated value of $5.65 million. Snoop Dogg, another musician ranks second with an estimated current NFT collection of $5.5 million. The rapper has been quite vocal about his interest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This explains his huge portfolio. However, GaryVee, the world’s favourite NFT influencer, has the third most valuable NFT collection, an estimated $2.72 million. He is a full-time influencer and investor; it is, thus, no surprise that he’s made some smart NFT purchases.

Some more findings from the sub-categories

• The Bored Ape Yacht Club is the second highest earning NFT influencer, earning $3,800 per Instagram post, and is also the second biggest influencer on Twitter (944,200 followers) and Instagram (677,000 followers). The club promotes its mobile game, competitions and giveaways, and the launching of new merch through these channels. • Max Maher is at the second spot in the category "Biggest NFT influencer on YouTube", with 883,000 subscribers. His content is focused on investing and business in cryptocurrencies. He also discusses these topics through many playlists on the platform. • Cryptocomix secures the second most influential position as an NFT TikToker, with 217,100 followers. A lot of content by Cryptocomix promotes trends and investment ideas in the NFT and crypto space- telling the best and worst NFTs to buy and crypto investment tips.