From LG's transparent OLED TVs to cutting-edge wireless earbuds, CES 2024 features industry giants such as Sony, Samsung, Nvidia, Intel, L'Oréal, Hyundai, and AMD, showcasing their latest innovations. Here are top trends at CES 2024.

CES 2024, the world's largest tech show, has once again captivated audiences with its unparalleled showcase of exciting gadgets, groundbreaking innovations, and a touch of eccentricity. Taking place in Las Vegas, CES is a treasure trove of technological marvels, offering something for every tech enthusiast.

CES 2024 unveils revolutionising announcements for laptops, wearables, health tech, smart home accessories, TVs, home entertainment, electric vehicles, and artificial intelligence.

Here are some top tech announcements made at CES 2024:

Game changing tech at CES 2024

The Rabbit R1 $200 AI Assistant gadget seamlessly accesses apps and performs various tasks. Boasting a sleek design and a whimsical brand, it made 40,000 units of sales within just four days of its launch.

Kia showcased its modular car design platform, the PBV, at CES 2024. This innovative concept has the potential to power at least nine different Kia vehicles, streamlining the typically challenging and expensive manufacturing aspect of car production.

Lenovo also presented the ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid, a laptop with a Windows PC as its base and a detachable Android tablet serving as the display. The clever hybrid design highlights a new approach to laptop functionality.

Withings introduced the BeamO "multiscope", a device capable of conducting four health checks in under a minute. This innovative tool combines various health metrics, providing users with a powerful heart and lung monitoring solution.

Innophys showcased the Every Muscle Suit exoskeleton, a revolutionary technology that reduces back load and muscle exertion by adding auxiliary force, effectively making items feel up to 5 times lighter.

Sony's XR head-mounted display and controllers, optimised for intuitive interaction with 3D objects and precise pointing, stood out as a leading spatial computing technology. Its applications extend beyond entertainment, promising to unlock spatial computing in Siemens Industrial Metaverse.

Top trends at CES 2024

Industrial Metaverse: Pioneering companies like Siemens, D-space, and NVIDIA are leading the charge in creating an Industrial Metaverse infrastructure. This trend, expected to 10x human progression capacity in the next five years, goes beyond digital twins for buildings and infrastructure, reaching into biology and nature.

Translation Apps: CES 2024 showcased several real-time AI translation tools that seamlessly translate speech into users' ears via earbuds or to a device via text. This trend brings us closer to seamlessly multilingual planetary communications.

Transparent TVs: OLED TVs took a monumental leap forward with transparent displays from industry giants Samsung and LG. These displays have potential applications in public spaces and the commercial sector, marking a significant shift in TV formats.

AI Everywhere: CES 2024 underscored the pervasive influence of AI across various technologies. Nearly every innovation at the event was touched by this overarching tech trend, confirming the omnipresence and transformative power of artificial intelligence.