In every endeavor we have to take, we need knowledge for us to succeed. And as for being an investment trader, you have to study the field's ins and outs. The working of the stock market and even those complicated terminologies seem overwhelming for a beginner. You have to be familiar with all of those, take into account that even those successful traders in the field don't stop studying and researching to gain more understanding. In light of this topic, read the following to acquire more things that will help you be one of the best traders in the market.


Research Sites


In everything that we know nothing of, we research. Researching helps us a lot in gaining knowledge. The good thing is there are many ways of research that you can do. There are books, online trading lessons, on-hand knowledge from successful traders, and online research. And now that we are in the era of modern technologies, researching is just one button away. You can find a well of knowledge on the internet, and you won't run out of things to learn and topics to research. Being an investment trader is not a one-time education but a continuous researching process, so do your best.


Charting and Analysis


Charting is the draw up of market changes, particularly stock prices and market averages. Charts are traders' doorway to the stock market. It will help traders to read the market situation. Creating an easy-to-read chart will help interpret and makes you aware of how the market moves. And if you want to be good at charting, Footprint Chart Tutorial For Beginners will help you be an expert. Charting will help traders gain data that will help profitable ventures.


What Can You See On The Chart and Tips on How to Read Them


  1. Identify the trend line


This is the blue line that either goes up or down when you hear the news that the stock market goes up.


  1. The line of resistance and support


Support represents a low level of the stock price while resistance and the other hand represents the high price.


  1. Know when dividends and stock split occur


You can see this at the bottom of the chart. A dividend is when the company gave back the part of their project to the holders of the shares. A stock split, on the other hand, is a calculated move also done by the company to provide shares of stock to the public.


  1. Predict trading volumes


It is the small vertical line at the bottom of the chart. It increased when there is big news about the company. When the volume rises thus the price of a stock also increases.


Trading Platforms


Trading platforms are software that helps investors and traders to put trades and keep an eye on accounts. There are two types of platforms, the commercial and prop platforms. What is the difference between the two? Commercial platforms targeted day traders and retail investors while prop platforms are used by a large conglomerate to suit specific needs. All trading platforms provide support and assistance by giving secured time and access to trading. It is one of the essential tools for investment traders, and it is crucial to know this tool. 


Trading Simulators


A trading simulator is an online tool that permits investors to practice their stock-picking skills without investing real money. You just have to log on, put up an account and get a specific amount of simulated funds to make a simulated investment. In other words, this tool makes you practice and develop your strategies and trading skills as well as your investment techniques. There are two categories of simulators, namely the financial market and fantasy simulators. Financial market simulators is a program that attempts to generate some of the features of the real stock market on a computer so that traders can practice trading without monetary risks.

On the other hand, Fantasy simulators are a type of fantasy game, but instead of people as players, stocks are the teams and players in this. One can say that the market simulator is a prominent way for beginners to be familiar with the way the real stock market moves. This tool is very effective for the students of trading.


Margin Loans


A margin loan or borrowed money in layman's term is also called an investment loan. You can loan on a brokerage firm depending on the value of your stocks, bonds, and funds that you have. If your assets are listed and approved by the lender's Approved Securities List or ASL, then you can use it as collateral to borrow money that you can use to purchase more securities or use them for other matters. It has a lower interest rate than credit cards or personal loans. And also, there is no specific payment date of payment as long as you pay the monthly interest and pay the principal when able.

Mobile Trading Applications


Mobile trading is the use of the mobile phone to check the stock market's performance to buy and sell stocks. Nowadays, people use the mobile phone not only for social media activities but also for investment trading. Mobile trading is gaining popularity because of the availability of cheap mobile data plans and mobile phones. Everybody now owns a mobile phone, which makes it easier to trade anywhere you are without needing the use of offices and desktop computers. You can download an app to monitor your stocks easily. There are so many apps you can choose from. All you have to do is to pick the most reliable ones.


In the end, being an investment trader is an extraordinary and rewarding career. If you want to be a successful investor, you have to learn all aspects of trading from A to Z. Remember; success won't happen with just a snap of your fingers. It needs knowledge, patience, and dedication to be like one Warren Buffet. Learn all the tools that will significantly help you in becoming successful too. Use the best tool and be the best player there is in the game of trading.