For any business that's looking for lean approaches to ensure they are making the most of their processes, it can be overwhelming to condense all of the best practices into something that pleases the business and customers alike.

Whether you are shipping items to other countries or you are working with a brick and mortar setup, UX is something you may have heard of but aren't sure how it can help you. Let's fix this…


UX = User Experience


Simply put, it's the user experience. This is the overall interaction a customer has with your business, services and products. A lot of people mistakenly attribute this to the website. However, this is one key aspect of what the user experience entails. Holistically speaking, it's about how your business interacts with the customer on every little level.


How It Can Please Customers


There's so many ways that you can please a customer. User experience isn't just about ensuring that what you deliver is speedy. Although, it is stated that 90% of users stop using an app due to bad performance. This is food for thought, especially when it comes to the speed of your website. But if you're looking to improve your UX, you have to give a lot of thought to the promotional practices.

UX and SEO are like two peas in a pod. Numerous

SEO companies are now taking advantage of this through

keyword searches and other SEO practices to ensure that their company hits the top 10 search results

75% of users never click past the first results page, and so it has to be your priority to hit the top as much as you can.


Taking Advantage Of The Smaller Components That Are As Essential


The user experience encompasses so many different aspects, not just the speed of the website, but also something called user signals. These user signals are unique characteristics, such as time spent on a website, or the bounce rate, and these translate into high rankings on Google search results. But before we get bogged down in search engine results, we have to look at making our service as user-friendly as possible. These can be done in simple ways, including having a mobile-friendly website. You would be surprised as to the amount of websites now that aren't user-friendly. Again, this translates into a lack of interest from the customer which becomes a lack of traffic and minimal conversion rates. If you're looking to make over your website as a priority in your UX plan of attack, you have to sure that you've got a website that is easy to navigate on every device. UX covers so many other areas, but when you think about the user experience, it's not just about how you present yourself, but it's about how you interact on every level. Giving UX pride of place in your plan of attack can reinvigorate your business. At the end of the day, you need to ensure that the users and customers are given the experience they deserve.