In the latest episode of the Finding Your Atom podcast, Valentina Castellani creates a gripping narrative out of her experiences for co-hosts Amrita Sen and Dinis Guarda to throw light on the essence of a crafting process while realising life’s goals.  



 “Finding Your Atom” is a podcast series with a goal to find the elementary driving energy that blends with empathy and compassion to create a powerful social impact. The series is a brainchild of co-hosts Amrita Sen, artist, designer, and producer, and Dinis Guarda, author, and founder of citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil. Continuing with their ritual of bringing fresh energy to the podcast, they bring Valentina Castellani, (title) to discuss the depths of concepts like modern sainthood and embracing (and overcoming) fear on the path to achieving the goal. Asked by Amrita about the key drivers that have been responsible for shaping Valentina’s character, she fondly replies that the process of creation is intimate, fragile, and fearsome. But it is these very virtues that paint hope on the canvas of dreams. One should never be afraid to embark on the journey, the first step to the realisation of a goal.

“I do believe that the heart and soul of a storyteller is the fact that you start a journey. Of course, there is some planning, in the sense that you know your goal, you know your arrival. But the journey is never fully planned. It comes to us. Because, if you have your core connected to the final vision, and to your heart, your emotion, your system of being, the journey gets sculpted and crafted day by day. And you have to trust the process.”

, she explains.





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While the episode grapples the audience with interesting anecdotes shared by Valentina, it did not skip Dinis’ notice that although we live in the most peaceful of times, the world is fighting together with the most difficult situation of pandemics. Valentina assures us that noise is going to be forever, little things would create the things back to salvation.

“Start from the little things, whether it's the coffee in the morning, a little walk, call your best friend, take a good shower- know that that little thing ignites a better system. And from that little thing, you start again, and be willing to take the time. Pretty much everybody had those days and they can testify that those days were then gone and there were better days.”

Adding further, she says simple gestures help in overcoming the most monstrous of fears. These, Valentina and the hosts, agreed have been the very advanced thoughts that have been prevalent in times immemorial across all the cultures. Features like innate linearity and simplicity are what make their application universal and across the barriers of time. Emphasising the importance of having a network that not only supports but is also the very reason for keeping one on their path to a goal, Valentina says “As long as the circle is open between the people of a network, that forms the base. And it needs to be respected. If that network is built, and a solid base of openness is created, it will lead to construction, and not the destruction of the project, every chapter of your life.” Valentina also introduced a unique concept of “Modern Sainthood”. According to her,

“I believe that we are all a little bit of a modern saint. We all are human beings, making a million mistakes, but they all have a cause, full of humanity, and have ethics- all human qualities to expand out of ourselves and help others. We do elevate some people, we do inspire them, and we create situations to help others out. Similarly, we surround ourselves with others who protect our vision, elevate us; and in this process, they do carry us”. 

With many deeper insights and concepts being discussed in the podcast, the episode promises to take the audience on a journey that is both enduring and interesting. Finding Your Atom and Music For podcasts are available on

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