When it comes to success in the digital world, both traffic and conversion rates matter. For every business, whether big or small, the ultimate goal of every marketing activity is to drive sales. In order to drive sales in today’s competitive marketplace, your business needs to have a strong presence online to avoid losing potential customers to your competitors. 

The average conversion rate for websites is roughly 2 percent, which means for every 100 visitors to your website, you can expect to get 2 customers. From there, you must try to increase your traffic in order to get more customers. This is not easy and there are many online businesses that just never manage to do it. 

If you are looking to improve the success of your online business, here are some tried and tested ways to gain more traffic and conversions online. 

Fix Your Website’s Technical Issues

Search engines and their algorithms are highly sophisticated. In fact, most websites with a large number of technical issues will perform poorly as search engine algorithms often check for technical issues first when scanning sites. As one

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explains, if your website has technical issues such as slow loading times or broken links, your business will be perceived negatively by site visitors and potential customers. This is a problem with many startup websites in Singapore and elsewhere because people attempt to make their business’s website themselves to save money.

In today’s world, building a website yourself for your business may seem like an easy task with various online services and templates to choose from. However, if your business’s website is continuously running into technical problems, it is best that you invest in hiring a professional website designer to handle your site. 

Create SEO Content

Trying to write and blog as frequently as you can is a good strategy to increase your website’s organic traffic. However, keep in mind that quality content should always be prioritized over the quantity of the content. As a general rule, the better your content is, the more chances you will have of generating organic and positive traffic to your site in the long run. 

Search engines prioritize website content that is authoritative and relevant and which best answers the commonly searched queries from internet users. Because of this, websites always strive to create quality content to

rank high on search engine result pages

(SERPs). With useful and interesting content, you can both place highly on SERPs and encourage visitors to revisit your website again and again. 

Pay Attention to Relevant Keywords

Keywords play a major role in how your website is ranked on the result pages. By using relevant keywords that most internet users are prone to search for, your website is more likely to be detected and positively rated by search engine algorithms. This will in turn increase your overall rankings. There are different tools you can use to search for relevant keywords that are applicable to your market niche. Additionally, analyzing competitors and the keywords they use on their websites are two common ways to find out what types of keywords are the most successful. 

Keep in mind that you should always try to use keywords that are specific to your products and services. The most popular keywords cannot just be added to your content randomly to boost your rankings. It is a common mistake that many websites make of targeting every keyword that is SEO-related. Make sure the content is relevant and well written.

Build Your Off-Site SEO

It is important for search engine algorithms to recognize your website as an authority in your field so that they can rank your website highly on result pages. Building backlinks on websites that are already recognized as authorities is one effective way you can effectively convince search engine algorithms of your website’s importance. 

If you wish to build backlinks, you can either reach out to relevant and authoritative websites so they will write articles with links to your website, or you can hire a professional company to help you build your links. Normally, websites with the largest number of quality backlinks will rank the highest on search engine result pages so it is worthwhile for you to look into link building. 

Create a User-Friendly Website

It is understandable for visitors to be overwhelmed and have a negative experience on websites that have a lot of distractions. Remember that

a positive user experience

and a user-friendly interface are essential if you want visitors to stay on your website longer and come back again in the future. Therefore, your landing page should be easy to navigate, with a clear and concise layout. As a good rule of thumb, if something is not important and essential, do not include it. 

Common things you can consider putting on your website are headlines, subheadings, benefits, testimonials, reviews, and key details about your products and services. 

Use Social Media Effectively

All successful websites know how to increase their organic traffic by effectively linking their websites to their

social media

pages. If you are not using your social media pages, you should consider creating a business page on popular platforms that your target customers will most likely be on to create and update your content regularly there. This will give social media users a chance to get to know your business or get in touch with you.

On social media platforms, you can take steps to increase audience engagement and drive organic traffic to your website by creating interesting content with high appeal in the form of posts, videos, photos and by setting up events, giveaways, and live-streaming shows. Remember that publishing high-quality and engaging content is always better than publishing a lot of poorly made content that isn’t interesting for potential customers. 

After investing in high-quality content and improving your website, it is crucial for you to analyze your results and use this insightful data to make adjustments and improve your website in the long term. Successful businesses drive sales and lead by increasing their traffic and by improving their conversion rates from existing site visitors. By focusing all of your efforts in digital marketing into doing both, you will soon reap their benefits and ensure the sustainable growth of your business.