Texting is the main form of communication in this day and age and is a type of communication almost everyone uses every single day. Texting is convenient, easy and it allows us to stay in contact with the people we care about throughout the week. For business through, a texting service such as two-way SMS API can be a big help and bring you to a higher form of success than your competitors. If you have never through of using a text service before, or you don’t know how, read on.


Marketing and Sales


One of the easiest ways you can use texting for your business is to promote your products and send out promo codes for your text customers. For example, a great demonstration of this is Domino’s Pizza. They regularly send out text messages to their audience either promoting a new deal or offering a discount on their local branch. If your can use this type of communication with your audience you will likely be able to gain a lot more engagement with your customers.


Keeping Customers Happy


One of the things you can use your text service for is to hold onto your customers by offering that extra bit of customer service. For example if you are a delivery service you can send out a text notification when the parcel is out for delivery with an estimated time of arrival for the customer. This will allow them to make sure that they are in the house to receive their parcel, and they won’t have to visit the depot.


Collecting Data


If you are currently wondering how to keep your customers happy and what types of changes to make to your business, you can send out a short poll to your customers with multiple choice questions. Ask them to answer with a number to confirm their preference and this will allow you to gather data about your  audience. This will in turn give you the information you need to make changes to your business and improve it.


Stay In The Loop With Staff


One of the things you may not have thought about is your staff. If you have staff who regularly travel around for their work, it is important to be able to keep in touch with them for when you need them. The easiest way to stay in touch is by text rather than phone because it will not disturb either of you as you try to work.


Get Ahead Of The Competition


You can use your text service to get ahead of the competition and reach your audience in a way that they simply can’t. When a customer is called or emailed on their phone, they are very likely to ignore it and carry on with their day. However, if you send a text message they are much more likely to open it and read it. If you are the only company in your field using text for your customers, you have the opportunity to get ahead and keep your customers loyal.