Doha is set to host the first of its kind Web Summit Qatar, the world's largest technology conference, in February 2024 at Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC). The event aims to bring together international entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders to connect the tech world in growing ecosystems across the Middle East, Africa, and India, in addition to its established presence in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.

With a fast-growing technology ecosystem, Qatar is rapidly expanding its start-up scene, private sector, and government support for technology innovation. Qatar ranks 28th, at a global level, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report 2021. The country’s outstanding capacity for innovation, and heavy investments in technology infrastructure prompts it to focus on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cybersecurity.

Continuing the legacy of previous successful events that have attracted over half a million attendees across the globe, Web Summit Qatar 2024 seeks to connect the tech world and drive innovation. The mission remains clear: to create cutting-edge software that enhances conferences and fosters meaningful connections among the brightest minds shaping the world today.

HE Mr. Mohammed bin Ali Al Mannai, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, expresses his optimism for the event:

"Qatar looks forward to hosting thousands of innovative and future-shaping leaders and thinkers at Web Summit Qatar. The event will help capitalize on world-class facilities and infrastructure, facilitate travel, and achieve strong economic growth."

Web Summit: A platform to showcase and discuss tech advancements

Web Summit stands as a global platform that brings together the top leaders in the tech industry, offering an opportunity to showcase and discuss groundbreaking advancements in technology. From artificial intelligence and blockchain to cybersecurity and emerging innovations, the event serves as a melting pot for cutting-edge ideas and solutions that are reshaping the world. 

With a history of successful conferences held across the world under the flagship of Web Summit, the 2024 Doha event is set to continue this tradition by providing a dynamic stage for international entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders to converge. 

The previous Web Summit, 2022 saw record-breaking numbers with 26 content tracks gracing 17 stages. Notable among the speakers was Toto Wolff, team principal and CEO of Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula 1; Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah; Neil Shen, Sequoia Capital; Brad Smith, Microsoft; Joseph Tsai, Alibaba; Demet Mutlu, Trendyol Group; and Anna Fang, ZhenFund.

Reflecting on the challenges faced, Toto remarked:

We had a difficult season. We just got the physics wrong. There are no mystics in Formula 1.” 

Despite the challenges, Toto expressed optimism for the future, aiming to challenge competitors like Red Bull and Ferrari in the upcoming seasons.

Web Summit: An effective way to empower Women in Tech

Web Summit emerges as a powerful platform dedicated to empowering women in the tech industry, striving to bridge the gender gap and promote diversity and inclusion. With the Women in Tech track at the forefront of discussions, the event facilitates crucial conversations about the challenges and opportunities faced by women entrepreneurs and leaders in the tech world. 

By featuring prominent figures like Lindsay Kaplan, Co-founder of Chief, co:collective co-founder and CEO Rosemarie Ryan, and Sita Chantramonklasri, Founder & General Partner, Siam Capital, Web Summit seeks to drive real change in the ratio of women at the helm of global companies. 

Through thought-provoking discussions on securing funding and cultivating leadership skills, Web Summit aims to empower women across the world by fostering networking opportunities, building mentorship programmes and nurturing our online women in tech community.

In an inspiring session, Lindsay Kaplan, Co-founder of Chief, had joined Rosemarie Ryan, Co-founder, and CEO of co:collective, to address gender diversity in the tech industry. Lindsay emphasised the urgency to bridge the gender pay gap, stating:

"It's going to take more than 100 years for women to hit pay parity with men. I don't want to wait that long." 

The discussion had also highlighted the challenges women entrepreneurs face in securing vital venture capital funding, as women currently receive only two percent of all VC funding. 

While in 2022, 42 percent of attendees at Web Summit in Lisbon were women, Web Summit Qatar 2024 is deeply committed to changing the gender balance at all of its events, including Tech Lounge, masterclasses, roundtables and more. 

Qatar: Leading the charge in innovation with Web Summit 2024

Web Summit Qatar marks a significant milestone as the region's first of its kind event, uniting entrepreneurs, investors, and emerging leaders from around the world who are at the forefront of shaping the future. 

With a visionary outlook, Web Summit Qatar envisions fortifying technology ecosystems not only in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia, where it has already established its presence, but also in the Middle East, Africa, and India over the next five years. 

As a beacon of progress and inclusivity, Web Summit Qatar 2024 pledges to serve as an unparalleled platform, fostering empowerment for women, introducing groundbreaking tech advancements, and igniting a fresh era of innovation and collaboration in the global tech arena.