The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is considered one of the most popular academic programs that students choose to pursue to boost their careers. While most students aspire to attain their business qualifications from an internationally-recognized university, it is likely for them to encounter specific hurdles that are needed to be overcome before proceeding with their studies. Read ahead to find out how undergoing an MBA foundation program in Canada which can relieve you of the struggle.

What does an MBA foundation program entail?

Also referred to as a pre-MBA program, an MBA Foundation program assists students in developing the professional and academic qualities required to get admitted into a full-time MBA program. It prepares you to cope with the MBA degree curriculum and bridge the knowledge gap between your undergraduate degree and MBA coursework and additionally prepares you for potentially furthering your studies by pursuing a doctorate of business administration in the future. You will also receive hands-on training on practicality based tasks ? analysing data and information, business research, writing according to academic and university standards, working with Microsoft office tools and online financial data as well as preparation of balance sheets and income statements. This program allows you to kick-start your business academic career before entering the MBA program, familiarizing you with the higher-level classroom environment. You can learn important skills that can come in handy in the professional environment including professional networking and critical debating. Furthermore, for students planning to pursue their MBA abroad, this program will help you adjust to the cultural differences and implement the right approach to every business environment.

Things you can learn from an MBA foundation program

Besides developing exceptional communication skills, MBA Foundation program makes it easier for you to keep up with the full-time academic coursework. It mainly discusses the following core topics that students learn about:

Business and Academic Writing

This module focuses on skill development that facilitates writing documents and preparing presentations. It also prepares them for the real business environment through efficient written communication.

Context and audience analysis

You will become an expert at identifying the purpose of content and inculcating visual designs to it comprehensible. By ensuring that written communication is understandable, you can utilize it to retrieve any useful information.

Quantitative Skills for Business

By undertaking the MBA foundation course you instil ion you basic quantitative skills that are instrumental for core MBA courses. These skills are crucial to understanding the underlying concepts of business administration such as finance, project management, operations and accounting. Additionally, students will also gain an idea of using quantitative data to aid business decision-making.

Economics from a Business Perspective

To hone business concepts better, it is vital to have a strong grasp of basic economic concepts and their real-time application. This module emphasizes both microeconomics and macro-economics, teaching students about economic growth, investments and financial systems. If you wish to be an MBA graduate, then explore MBA foundation courses in Canada to successfully meet the requirements of your dream university. Apply today to gain assistance in securing admission at your preferred university.