Finding ways to effectively manage your personal life is critical before launching a business. Managing a new business can be daunting, and you’ll need to know that all aspects of your personal life are under control to be able to focus on your business and its growth.

You should look at all aspects of your life, from childcare to personal finance to housing. Make a plan to manage as many eventualities as possible so that you will be prepared and able to dedicate as much of your mind as possible to your new business.

Low Levels Of Debt

It is vital that your debt levels are as low as possible when you launch a new business. The stronger your personal finances, the more likely you will be to be accepted for business finance such as loans or credit cards. You should keep your debt levels as low as possible, focusing first on debts with the highest interest rates. Keeping your credit score strong can also be invaluable, proving to banks that you, and by extension, your business, are a good risk.

Secure Housing

You’ll need to be secure in your housing to be able to dedicate your time and energy to a new business. Ideally, this means owning a home with a mortgage that is manageable while your business gets up and running. An excellent option could be to get a home warranty that will protect your property from issues that may arise, ensuring you won’t be financially impacted should something go wrong.

If you have a new build, look for a 10-year warranty to protect against any issues with the building or workmanship down the line. Choose an expert provider like Buildsafe to get the highest level of coverage for your peace of mind.


If you have children, it can be tough to manage childcare with the time you need to dedicate to your business. You should talk to your partner to ensure they understand and are entirely on board with your decision to start a business and what it will mean in terms of childcare.

If you have the money, taking on a nanny could be a good choice, or you could look for local day care facilities to help bridge the gap created by the time you’ll need to focus on your business. You could also ask loved ones like the kids’ aunts, uncles or grandparents to help you manage childcare.

Strong Support System

You’ll need a great support system to help you navigate the challenges of the first months as a business owner. A lot of your time will be taken up with managing the business, but you’ll still need to find time for yourself to see loved ones and maintain your connections. You should ask those closest to you for support, whether a partner, family or friends.

Let them know all about your business venture and help them understand that you may not be as available as you have been previously. You could even ask for help with daily tasks such as grocery shopping while you’re busy getting your business off the ground.