If your business is entrenched in the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem, then two software tools it probably uses particularly often are the collaborative platform SharePoint and the cloud storage service OneDrive - perhaps on account of the raft of new features that both regularly receive. Well, there's good news for SharePoint and OneDrive users: Microsoft recently unveiled yet more fresh additions and tweaks for these services at its SharePoint Conference 2019 in Las Vegas.

SharePoint Home Sites

If you regularly use SharePoint to keep track of what everyone else in the business is doing at any given time, then you could feel reassured by the recent announcement of SharePoint Home Sites. This feature, announced at Microsoft's yearly SharePoint Conference in May, promises what Microsoft has dubbed

"employee experience[s]" tying into the mega-menu in SharePoint intranet portals, as VentureBeat explains

. Each of the Home Sites is a landing page that you will see on the home view of SharePoint, whether you are using this platform's desktop or mobile app version. To each landing page, employees can share internal materials like articles and videos, as well as comments on such. Exactly what any particular employee will be able to post to a SharePoint Home Site will depend on what role or permissions you have assigned to them. However, official news posted to these pages will be visually marked as such and syndicated to all users permitted to access it. As for that "mega-menu" mentioned earlier - while you might have recalled it as SharePoint Home, it's now known as the SharePoint Start Page and has been bulked up to include enhanced navigation, document views and saved content, along with activity insights spanning sites. With just one click, you can activate Microsoft Search through a search bar, allowing you to sift through data to effectively trace files, contacts, conversations, tools and other valuable resources. All of these features look set to make an already formidable intranet solution even better. Therefore, it's reassuring that, even if your particular business is late to the SharePoint party, it can still easily catch up by allowing for the implementation of Office 365 intranet by AddIn365.

Microsoft's platform SharePoint and the cloud storage service OneDrive
Microsoft's platform SharePoint and the cloud storage service OneDrive

Differential sync for OneDrive

If your business often stores Office 2016 files in Microsoft's cloud storage solution OneDrive, you have probably come to hugely appreciate the option of differential syncing. This is where you can sync only parts of files that have been changed from the previously cloud-saved version, rather than entire files. As a result,

organisations can save time on uploading data, notes TechRadar

. However, differential sync could only be used for Office 2016 files stored in the business version of OneDrive. Fortunately, Microsoft has revealed that differential sync will, later this year, become available for all file types in OneDrive. Meanwhile, it's now possible to use OneDrive's web version to preview more than 320 file types - even right through to 360-degree images and AutoCAD DWG files. This means that your employees could use OneDrive to add notes to any of these file types.

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