If you have been in a business long enough, chances are you would have heard of workflow automation. When explained in the simplest terms, it refers to the automation of several business processes based upon predetermined rules that automatically perform tasks between people, data, and technology. The chief goal of workflow automation is to minimize the extent of manual intervention. However, you need to have the perfect software or platform for that to happen. Although various types of automation software are available in the market,

Kissflow Workflow

is the best amongst them. It's easy to understand, use and implement, and comes with an incredible set of benefits, features, and templates. Continue reading to know what makes it the best platform for your business and why you should use it.

What Is Kissflow Workflow software?

Kissflow Workflow is a cloud-based service platform or software that lets you create, model, and execute business process apps. Even though there might be other similar apps in the market, it stands apart because it does not require prior coding knowledge. All your team members, irrespective of which department they belong to, can design workflows that best meet their requirements.

Advantages of the cloud workflow system

An increasing number of businesses have switched over to cloud workflows because of the numerous benefits that it guarantees. Here are some of those.


A cloud


system enables your business to meet its rising demands quickly by scaling up or scaling down as per the requirements. You don't even need a costly new upgrade to do it, and it's as easy as upgrading your existing subscription plan and letting the service provider handle the rest of the process.


Even if your workflow is automatic, the chances are that the data is stored in a local drive. Cloud workflows allow you to access whatever files you need without stand-alone software. All the essential documents, processes, and data are stored in a centralized database with the highest security imaginable. The workflows also maintain a single system of records, which is advantageous because any change is visible to everybody in your organization.


Most traditional software programs don't allow a great deal of customization. So, the responsibility of thinking of new ways to adjust your strategies according to the exciting features falls upon you. However, cloud software comes with drag-and-drop visual builder tools to customize a process, which is easy to understand and use.

Reduces downtime

A software update in most legacy systems results in significant downtime, which refers to the specific period when you cannot use your computer for any work. Some updates also require you to spend money. In a cloud-based system, all updates are carried out automatically without increasing the downtime, and service providers ensure that they are made according to the user's convenience.

What makes Kissflow so appealing?

One of the reasons you should use

Kissflow Workflow

for automating your business processes is the numerous available features.

Intuitive user interface

Perhaps no other automation software boasts the same level of intuitive user interface as

Kissflow Workflow

. Once you start using it, you get adjusted to its features quickly. You can easily manage and track a particular workflow under a unified console.

No coding knowledge required

Most workflow platforms require you to have some coding knowledge for their application. However, a significant advantage of Kissflow is users need no previous coding experience to understand or to use it. In fact, you can automate a specific business process using

Kissflow Workflow

in 15 minutes. The availability of drag and drop features lets you build strategies quickly, regardless of how complicated they are.

Fast integration

With the help of Kissflow, you can link your workflows with third-party systems and Application Programming Interfaces or APIs using tools like Zapier, Amazon EC2, and Slack. It is also integrated with various Google Apps, including G Suite.

Analytics and reporting

Kissflow helps you streamline your business processes with real-time analytics and reporting, while its reporting and analytics features provide you valuable deep insights and ready-to-use metrics. You can also generate custom reports and use dashboards. The pre-built reports enable you to track your workflow’s progress at every stage easily. It also delivers the information you need in a friendly, understandable summary format.

Team friendly

Having a well-informed and coordinated team in a business is highly beneficial because it ensures that all tasks are done methodically and within a specific timeframe and in a structural manner. Kissflow enhances the communication levels between the team members in a team, as users can assign tasks responsibilities as per the requirements. Other members in your group can also contribute to the processes irrespective of their location. The platform also increases social collaboration by providing contextual information and alerts that enable everyone to work simultaneously.

Lots of templates

It is vital to have a wide variety of workflow templates to automate the business process. The

Kissflow Workflow

software has a collection of more than 200 templates spread across six categories: human resources, finance, procurement, customer, admins and ops, and sales.

Best workflow for Google

Kissflow Workflow

is also the best workflow platform for all your Google apps. It lets you access your workflows within your Apps Suite. After installing it, all your team members can access it from the Pull-Down Menu. It also allows you to attach documents from Google Drive.

Advantages of using Kissflow

Kissflow is an end-to-end platform for all your business requirements. Many famous companies around the world have benefitted from this easy-to-use and accessible platform. As mentioned earlier, it does not require any training and saves your organization the necessary time and money to train your employees. It also increases the visibility of each workflow and helps you quickly identify unnecessary processes. Another benefit is that it reduces errors and increases the overall accuracy, resulting in greater operational productivity. It also facilitates business-IT collaboration, which helps you save time, improve the workplace atmosphere, increase productivity, and share responsibility. You can also access Kissflow on Android and iOS devices with your default mobile application by purchasing it monthly or annually. Your business must have the best automation software, and that is why you should look no further than

Kissflow Workflow

. Its unique benefits, range of features, collection of templates, and user-friendliness make it one of the best available workflow automation platforms in the market.