With globalization intersecting varied industrial domains and bringing countries diplomatically and economically closer, majoring in international business can bring a great return on investment. Becoming an international business graduate can allow you to travel the globe, earn a lavish pay check, make significant contributions to the global economy and lead an international lifestyle. Pursuing an advanced degree in international business can be more effective if you study abroad. A foreign study location can allow you to apply your theoretical learning practically. There are hundreds of great universities worldwide that offer international business degrees. Read this article to learn more about 4 countries which can be ideal destinations to obtain a master’s degree in international business.


  1. The United States of America


The United States of America, commonly known as the USA, is one of the most developed nations in the world economically and technologically. The country can boast of several renowned Ivy-league business schools equipped with the top-notch academic facilities. These universities offer countless advanced degrees in the domain of international business and provide multiple opportunities to learn from real-world situations. Although college tuition can be pricey for noteworthy business schools, US student visas often allow students to take-up part-time jobs that can help cover the costs.


  1. The United Kingdom


The Queen’s land is another popular destination for international students to obtain an excellent business education. According to the Financial Times European Business School Rankings in 2018, the top 95 business schools were from Britain. The UK higher education degrees and qualifications are recognised and preferred by thousands of employers across the world. The country is also known for their world-class research facilities in every domain, including business.


  1. France


Many associate France with art and culture, but few know that the country is a world leader in the global business education sphere. As per the latest QS Global 2020 Business School Report, two of the top five business schools in Europe are from the country. French business degrees are famed for their curriculums and a strong focus on workplace experience. In addition, most French business schools provide ample opportunities to students for enhancing their professional and personal networks.


  1. Singapore


Singapore is one of the biggest business hubs in Asia and the world and the seat of many top organisations and businesses. In terms of business facilities, the country gives a stiff competition to other metropolitan cities like London, Melbourne and Hong Kong. Singapore’s business-friendly environment and excellent higher education standards make the country a great destination for any business education. Its business schools have ranked consistently among the top 11 QS Global MBA Rankings of Asia. Among these countries, Singapore can provide a noteworthy advantage of an Asian perspective especially since the market potential in Asia is on the rise. In addition, Singapore can also boast of a stable economy and impressive business opportunities which can enhance your career in the future. Choose Singapore to study MBA in International Business for enhanced career prospects in the international business domain.