In recent years there has been a large number of businesses both setting up on the south coast and from moving from other areas to this part of the country, but why is this? It has a lot more to do with the nice views out to sea that they can get from the office as this is actually a very smart place to be operating a business from.

Thriving Industries

One of the main reasons that the south coast has become a business hub in the UK is the high-growth of many industries. There are a handful of creative places along the south coast, such as Brighton and Bournemouth, so you are seeing an increase in a wide number of industries including digital marketing, web design and FinTech.


Another reason that Sussex is proving to be a popular place with business owners right now is access to students. With two large universities in the area, this is a student-dense region which means that you are getting easy access to graduates and also a diverse and knowledgable workforce. A business is powered by people so if you are able to recruit talent straight out of university then you will benefit from fresh thinking, energy and enthusiasm.

Lower Costs

While the south coast is not the cheapest place in the UK, it is significantly cheaper than London so it is a fantastic alternative to the capital. Rent, living costs and business costs are much lower than London so it is more affordable to set up and run a business as well as live. Brighton is also a fantastic place to live so it can provide an enjoyable way of life for many people while still providing easy access to London.

Easy Access to London

Following on from this, another major reason that businesses are heading to the south coast is that it provides easy access to London. You need to be within touching distance of London if you want to thrive and you can easily get a train from Brighton to London in around an hour. There are also a handful of other large business cities in the south east which can be easy to reach, such as a 30-minute train to Crawley from Brighton.

As you can see, the south coast is actually a smart place to start a business or move your company to. It has thriving industries, easy access to new talent and lower costs than London while still being a stone’s throw from the capital and other major business hubs. The south coast can also be a lovely place to live so it is no surprise that it is on the rise and so many businesses are heading south to operate.

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