After working from home because of COVID, flexible working has become a way of life for many businesses and their employees. Although the pandemic has taken a toll on our lives both inside and outside the workplace, flexible working isn’t a bad thing! In fact, it could handle one major issue employers now face: staff shortages A record 1.2 million job vacancies appeared in the three months up to November 2021, and a great number of workers have faced unemployment since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In short, businesses are facing a real struggle to find and retain employees.

If you are a business owner facing this bind, read on. We’re about to explain how flexible working could tackle your staff shortages, so you never have to worry about catering to demand again!


Flexible working is an attractive benefit 

Up to 70% of UK employees feel that flexible working makes a job prospect more attractive, according to Forbes.

If your company offers flexible working hours outside of the usual 9 to 5, you are far more likely to be prioritised by potential recruits than a business that doesn’t offer this appealing boon. This means you will acquire more staff during a time of shortage, and they are more likely to stay!


Staff are more likely to stay put

As we’ve mentioned above, staff are absolutely more likely to stay put if flexible working is an option. Employers concern themselves with employee retention above all else, as recruitment is often a long and expensive process. Giving your employees more freedom about when and where they work increases their loyalty to your company, meaning employees will be more willing to embrace a long-term contract! This has several knock-on benefits, including a more fruitful and comfortable company culture, and greatly reduced financial strain on your operations. 


Flexible working tackles stress

The less stressed your employees are, the less likely they are to leave your employ. Staff shortages are often a symptom of discontent, or poor working conditions within your business. Make sure you’re devoting time to the happiness, wellbeing and productivity of your workers by providing them with flexible working measures. As staff can work to a schedule that suits them best, you may never face a staff shortage issue again.


Flexible working is the ethical choice

In a world where we are tackling life-changing issues like a terrible pandemic and climate change, employers are expected to make ethical choices that cater to their employees and the planet that surrounds them. Flexible working is, certainly, an ethical choice. Not only is commuting reduced, impacting the amount of harmful greenhouse gases we generate, employees can choose to socially distance if they need to, participate in as much of the company culture as they want to, and spend more time at home with their families. Your employees will recognize the ethical steps you are taking for themselves and our planet, and will commit to your company as a result. 


How BE Offices can assist you

Flexible workspaces come hand-in-hand with flexible working, a serviced office with BE Offices can provide a helpful solution to employees who want the best of both worlds: working at home, and working in an actual commercial space with all of the amenities this entails.