Learners no longer have to move to different parts of the country to attend classes. You also don’t need to choose between having a full-time job and raising a family or pursuing higher education. And those are just some of the reasons why 

over 60 million Americans

are taking advantage of the new online education system.

Here are seven reasons why people are choosing to take online business courses and training: 

Lower Cost 

Online programs can save you money. It eliminates the cost of travel, learning materials, and accommodation that’s associated with classroom training. Most onsite learning institutions and training programs charge a huge premium to out of state and international students. But with e-learning, the cost is the same for everyone. Learners have the option of buying an entire course with a single payment or split the fees into 3-4 instalments. Online students are also eligible for

financial aid

. And all course materials are presented online with downloadable textbooks- which cost much less than traditional textbooks.

Better Control 

One glaring disadvantage of the traditional learning system is the rigid semester schedules and inflexible course options. Which makes it nearly impossible for full-time employees and busy caretakers to go back to school. With e-training, learners have better control of their learning and development. 


  Online courses allow students to create a timetable that fits with your lifestyle. You also decide on how long to train, when to complete each milestone, and the order in which you’ll learn the sub-topics of your course. Because

web courses work around your schedule

, busy entrepreneurs have plenty of time to complete the lessons whenever you can spare the time.

Real-Time Feedback 

Grading multiple hard copy answer sheets and written essays takes a bit of time. Students have to wait for up to a week to get feedback on performance. For people who juggle multiple tasks on a daily basis, this can be somewhat confusing.  

Learning management systems allow course creators to include answers to any tests in the programs. After a student completes the exam, the work is automatically graded and evaluated. You’ll receive results instantly and know what parts of the course you need to go over again. Giving learners the chance to monitor performance and celebrate progress. 

Improves Memory Retention 


Gamification, videos, and interactive user interfaces encourage learners to engage with content- improving memory retention. Look at it this way: In all the years you spent as a student, which classes do you remember? The ones where the instructor talked continuously or the class presentations and group discussions? 

Creating fun and engaging content helps students understand the material better. And you’ll have a better chance of

remembering the content decades later

even without every day application. For students who regularly review course work, memory of the material is usually spot on. 

Practical Experience 

Online courses are based more on practical experience than theory. In fact, you’ll normally find web courses titled ‘how to sell online’ or ‘how to create Facebook ads’ because the material is created to help you learn a particular skill set. While traditional onsite classrooms tend to cover the variety of skills needed for a particular career field like marketing or business administration. 

Business owners find it more time-saving to learn only what they use in everyday life. Creating avatars to practice performing a task in a virtual environment that doesn’t affect customers or co-workers. You’ll have the opportunity to apply the new skills in a safe setting that mirrors your work environment- increasing your chances of success in the real-world. 

Personalized Training 

People come from different backgrounds and experience levels. A good learning program accounts for the diversity of learners. As we mentioned earlier, e-learning gives students better control of the coursework. Allowing each individual to control the learning pace. 


If it takes you awhile to understand concepts, you won’t have to struggle to catch up with the rest of the class because you’ll have your own personalized schedule. And because of the customized nature of an online course, each user takes the course in an environment that supports your learning style.

Easier to Upskill 

Technological advancements are happening every day. To thrive in such an environment, the modern professional needs to quickly upskill. E-training offers a convenient way for people to easily learn new tech tools and advance in your career. Web courses also offer flexibility in career choice because each e-training program teaches a particular skill set. You can merge a variety of skills and differentiate yourself from others in your field. Enrolling in an online course gives you the best chance of surviving changes in technology as well as uncertainties in the economy.   Contributed Content