Online faxing, a method of document transmission that's a favorite with businesses across many industries due to enhanced security and convenience, has been around for about a decade. However, running to a location that provides fax services is still a way of life for many people.

If you’re searching online for “fax near me,” you may not know that the ability to fax is closer than you think. In fact, your computer or mobile device now serves as a solution for all your faxing needs. Here are the benefits of online faxing and how to get started. 


The Benefits of Online Faxing

The benefits of online faxing far outweigh the reasons for visiting a nearby fax service business. Not only are security and convenience improved when using an online faxing service, but it's also more efficient and cost-effective, and you save on space, too.

Secures Sensitive Documents

When documents are faxed online, both phone lines and the internet are used. This method makes it more difficult to intercept information and is proven to be more secure. When the sender faxes online via email, they enter a phone number, and when the send button is clicked, the online faxing service converts the email into a fax. The fax is received at the recipient's phone number and is converted back to an email on the other end.

In addition, because paper is no longer needed through online faxing, this lessens the chance that someone can see the information or steal it. This is especially true if you visit a fax service business. Some employees may see and misappropriate your sensitive information while helping you with your faxing needs.

Delivers Cost Savings

Having online faxing available eliminates costs in a couple of ways. First, you don’t have to drive to a local fax service business. Next, you don’t have to pay the prices these fax services businesses demand. Some local fax services will charge anywhere from $1.60 to $2 a page. With an online fax service, you pay a low monthly fee rather than a per-fax or per-page fee.

Offers Convenience

Faxing from your computer or mobile device is at your fingertips. You don’t have to leave the building or wait around for help. Plus, what happens when the local fax service business is closed when you need to fax a document urgently? With online faxing, you can fax documents 24/7.

Frees Up More Storage Space

Because no paper is involved in online faxing, the only storage place you need is cloud storage, which doesn’t take up space and doesn’t require the purchase of file cabinets. Using less paper has a positive impact on the environment as well.


How Can Faxing Be Done Online

You can send or receive faxes on the computer using a cloud-based portal. When using your smartphone, you simply download a free app. On either device, you can send faxes via email, too.

To set up an account, choose either a local or toll-free fax number that can be linked to your service. The cloud-based online faxing service allows you to store all faxes you send and receive on secure cloud storage, eliminating the need for printing paper and storage space. You can send large files or multi-page documents to many people at once.

When you’re faxing, just type in the phone number of the intended recipient and attach any documents that may be stored in your preferred cloud storage app, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud.


Start Faxing Online Now

Instead of using your computer or smartphone to search for a fax service near you, choose to fax online. It’s not a complicated process to set up online faxing or to fax documents—and it’s convenient, too. There shouldn't be any other reasons holding you back from faxing online.