The past year has been a serious learning curve for millions of people across the globe, with many losing their jobs, being forced to settle for a reduced income, or being asked to work from home. As  a  result, the paradigm of the workplace in 2021 has shifted in a way some might say is irreversible. Perhaps as a result of the pandemic and its machinations, however, over 835,000 new businesses were registered in the UK. Perhaps COVID simply released something that was lying dormant in many people? Or maybe the general public is better at making lemonade out of lemons than anyone could have possibly thought? Either way, if you’re looking to join the throng and start your own business, it might be best to look closer to home. With social distancing still with us in a big way and the power and flexibility of the internet meaning the possibilities are practically endless, there’s never been a better time to start a small business from home. But what businesses are best suited to the home base?



The Etsy crafter


People have been crafting for decades and selling their wares at craft fairs and church fetes. But thanks to online platforms like Etsy, you could be selling your crafted goods on a global stage. Etsy is the perfect place to start to get your foot in the door selling your home crafted goods. Yes, they take a percentage of the profit, but as a stepping stone to greater things it’s a wonderful resource and you’ll make so many connections and learn so much while you’re doing it too. You can even build your audience through social media. Get creative, it’s what you do best!


The personal trainer


Are you a gym bunny in exceptional shape who has always thought you’d make a great personal trainer? Well, you no longer need to be an official gym worker to work as a PT. Build an online profile and become somebody’s very own at-home fitness guru.


The home-based clothing boutique


Have you got an eye for fashion? Are you always the one who can pick out the best outfit at a charity shop and then spin it into something truly exceptional for next to nothing? If so, then you could be missing out on a small fortune. By buying cheaper clothes, making subtle alterations and then listing them online, you could lay the foundations for an entire fashion enterprise. Whatever business you decide to settle on, it’s always a good idea to consider the startup costs, which will include materials and any PPE gloves and masks you may need if you will be serving customers in your home. Because the last thing you want to do find out you haven’t budgeted for something you desperately need. With so many small businesses out there these days, only the very best will rise above the rest and if you want to be among that very best, you’ll need to know exactly what it’ll take and what it’ll cost to get you there.