Collaboration in the workplace is a great way to increase the company’s efficiency by bringing the best that each employee has to offer together. However, it hasn’t always been the most practical choice, especially for companies that have a number of locations and where getting staff together at the same time has been a major operation. Today, collaboration in the workplace has never been easier thanks to tools like Skype and secure file transfer software that enables easy sharing of documents across multiple locations. This is extremely good news because there are many benefits to collaboration…


It Can Help You Reach Your Goals More Quickly


There is a saying that too many cooks spoil the broth, but in the world of business, this has been proven time and time again not to be true. In fact, in a study by, a huge 97 percent of employees and business execs said that effective collaboration had directly helped them to reach their corporate goals more swiftly. It’s easy to see why this is the case when you can spend hours, even days waiting for one employee to turn in a particular task and when everyone seems to be working at cross purposes. When you collaborate, everyone has a purpose, and vital documents are always available when they need to be.


It Boosts Flexibility


The collaborative technology that we have today, including data sharing software and smartphones, make it easier for everyone in the business to work together without necessarily being in the same place at the same time, or even working the same hours. This means that you can use collaboration to make your business more flexible, whether that means letting employees work from home, allowing flexi-time or partnering with other companies, freelancers and employees across the globe. It really is a revolution.



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It Boosts Creativity


The more people’s input you have, the more new ideas come into the mix, and the more employees can develop newer, more interesting ways of looking at a problem. This leads to much more creative solutions on the whole, and that’s why businesses like Google and Facebook, where innovation is key, always encourage collaboration, and a very good reason why you should too.


It Improves Skills Across the Board


A little-mentioned benefit of collaboration in the workplace is the fact that the more employees interact with each other and see how their peers work, the more skills they pick up by osmosis and the more skills your employees have, the better placed you are to beat the competitors and make a name for yourself in your chosen field.


It’s Better for the Customers


When employees are collaborating, making use of the best collaborative tools, they are able to complete customer-related tasks, such as issuing refunds, chasing up orders and dealing with problems, much more quickly, which results in much happier customers and significantly better reviews for the average business. So, what’s stopping you from increasing collaboration in your office? There really are no downsides.