Time is one of the most important resources that you have in business. As long as you are using it wisely, you are much more likely to be gaining in other resources as well. But when the time management in the office is poor, it can likewise lead to some pretty poor circumstances and conditions within the business as a whole. One particularly beneficial act is to look at the practices in the office, and try and identify those which are not actually a good use of time. This can be hard to do however, so to get you started we have put together a few of the most common ones. Look out for these in your office - and do away with them.


Excessive Meetings


How often have you sat in a meeting and thought: this could have been an email? Well you know what?

You’re absolutely right. There is a tendency amongst certain levels of managers to spend time in meetings rather than getting things done, and it has to be one of the single most extravagant wastes of time in the world of business. If you find that your business spends too much time on meetings and considers them to be too important, instead focus on sharing information in more sensible, and less time-wasting, ways. Having excessive meetings is unlikely to do much for you, except make life in the office less productive.


Data Entry


Sometimes it is necessary to use data entry, but there are so many times when it is completely pointless in today’s office, and it’s worth looking at yours to see whether you have any fruitless data entry going on. A great and common example is to be seen in financial reporting, where many businesses hire data entry staff when they could instead just be saving both time and money by using an automated financial reporting dashboard. When the data can be inputted automatically, it may as well be. This will free up time to spend on more important concerns, and will even save the business money in the long term too. Data entry is sometimes necessary - but do make sure that yours is before you engage in it.




Hotdesking is the act of allowing your employees to change desks day after day, for no reason other than it supposedly improves morale. But the fact is that what it might make up for in morale, you significantly lose in productivity levels. Hotdesking has been shown time and time again to be a waste of time, as the much better solution is to just ensure that everyone in your employment has their own desk and sticks to it most of the time. If they don’t like where they are, you can permanently move them on - but changing every day doesn’t really make sense from a productivity point of view, and is usually a considerable waste of time. Remember this if you find yourself wondering whether you should give this a go - don’t give in to the hype on this one.