If you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to launch your own business in 2024 to become rich and successful but haven’t a clue where to start, you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s dive straight in to discover which three key industries might be worth launching your own startup company in, and then take a look at a few other suggestions that the experts recommend.

In which three industries should I consider launching my own business?

Today, there are more entrepreneurs than ever starting up their own businesses, and some have managed to do really well for themselves. 

Launching a successful startup isn’t easy to achieve, and it takes a lot of hard work, planning, and determination to see it through. It also helps to have a decent amount of funding and choose the right niche. 

According to recent reports, three of the best industries to consider launching businesses in are the following:

  1. TechnologyArtificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud computing, big data, and various other sectors
  2. Health – personalised health, home health care, health data management, and biotechnology
  3. Media – entertainment, virtual reality (VR), game development, gaming, and iGaming (e.g., owning online casinos like 10bet.co.za)

Honourable mentions

Some of the other industries you may also want to consider launching a business in are accounting services, computer systems and software services, business consulting, social media management, and waste management. 

That’s not forgetting energy (e.g., sustainable/green energy, oil & gas, mining, and fracking), consumer retail (e.g., personalised retail, pop-up retail, and other eCommerce businesses), and real estate (real estate tech, online design services, and online brokerages). 

You may also want to consider transportation (electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and smart cities), finance (cryptocurrency/blockchain and fintech), construction (construction tech, big infrastructure, and residential housing), and hospitality (sustainable food providers and hotels). 

As you can see, there are many industries that are currently booming and worth getting into in 2024. It’s just a case of doing plenty of research before deciding which industry might be a more suitable option for you. 

To find out which ones have the best prospects and to find one that you would have a passion for, it might be worth trying a few before finally settling upon which one you want to put all of your focus and attention into. 

Most of these industries are currently growing incredibly fast, and the forecasted growth rates for the coming years are also expected to remain high. 

How can I start a new business with little or no money?

Although some of the businesses mentioned above require huge amounts of money before you even get started, others don’t necessarily need pots of cash to start you on the road to success. 

Also, don’t give up on your day job until your startup takes off. You don’t want to lose your main source of income and risk everything by quitting your job, and then your new business doesn’t take off. It’s best to keep working for as long as you need.

Remember to use the skills that you already possess to your advantage and try to offer a service instead of a product. Other ways you can start a business without any money are simple things like careful planning for success and setting achievable goals for yourself. 

Try not to tie yourself down in long-term commitments and take advantage of as much free business advice as possible. Similarly, try to use as many free promotional tools and marketing strategies as possible. 

Some of the free packages and trial periods you can sign up for can be a huge benefit for your new business. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help or seek additional funding from potential investors. 

If you have a good business plan/model and present your idea well to the right kind of people, you may even receive a huge cash injection to help get you started. 

Final thoughts

Starting any new business is never easy, and some markets/industries are even harder to enter because they are already saturated. The key is to come up with several USPs (Unique Selling Points) and try to employ clever marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. 

Some new businesses may only take a few months to a year to become successful, whereas others may take two to three years or more, so don’t give up too early. Remember that starting a new business and growing it into something successful isn’t something that will happen overnight. 

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”