Office managers need to ensure their employees and customers always have the equipment they need at the ready. When they fail to provide needed equipment, the company’s bottom line suffers. To ensure your company is always stocked, here are five must-have office equipment items you can buy in bulk: 


1. Click Pens

Click pens are abundant in any busy office space. That being said, they are only abundant if you keep a steady stream of them available to workers, customers, and other parties. If your business ever suddenly fails to provide someone with a pen (especially during a time when they are direly needed), disaster can occur. You could even lose a client or valuable sale over the mistake, so you need to do your best to avoid a pen drought at all costs.

Thankfully, it’s not costly to stock up on thousands, upon thousands of click pens. There are many amazing promotional item websites where you can buy click pens in bulk for insanely low prices. Not only can you ensure that you’re stocking tons of click pens for when they’re needed, but you can brand these pens with your company’s name, brand, and contact information to make them an easy way to promote your brand. Train employees to give away these branded promotional pens to customers as they leave your doors, and you’ll make your brand well-known and respected all over town. 


2. Stress Balls

Not all office equipment that you can buy in bulk is aimed fully at customers. In reality, you’ll need to invest in your employees' needs and wants as well. To ensure your employees can have a way to relieve stress at a moment’s notice, you should seriously consider investing in a bulk order of branded stress balls. These have been used for decades to promote better in-office mental health and morale, and they are insanely budget-friendly when bought in bulk from promotional websites.

Stress balls can often be bought in shapes, colors, and designs that are fun and memorable (so be sure to get creative with your order). You can even personalize the stress balls with individual employee names if you want to go the extra mile. The more frequently you demonstrate how much you care about your employees, the greater your workforce’s sense of brand loyalty will become. 


3. Paperweights

If you’ve worked in an office environment that deals with a ton of paperwork, you’re certain to understand just how much worth a paperweight can provide. Thankfully, paperweights are another valuable office item that can be bought in bulk at highly discounted rates. If you want to keep your workforce well-stocked, organized, and ready to do business, you need to gift them with a bulk order of promotional paperweights in 2023. Paperweights can be great for at-home workers as well!

Additionally, many customers see paperweights as a sign of professionalism and business savvy. You can boost your company’s reputation simply by ensuring employees are visibly using paperweights to keep customer files organized when dealing with customers. If you work in a tax office or an office that deals with file organization services, paperweights will provide an especially excellent investment. 


4. Sticky Note Pads

Organization requires a lot more than a quality paperweight. Having useful tools for employees to keep track of tasks on the go is essential as well. To help them achieve this important goal, be sure to consider ordering a ton of sticky note pads in bulk from a promotional merchandise provider in 2023. Doing so will help you create a colorful sense of organized productivity in your office spaces. 

If you’re attending any type of business conference in 2023, handing out sticky note pads with your company’s brand and contact info emblazoned upon them can be great for networking purposes. People often need to create notes on the go during these conference situations, so help them out while simultaneously boosting your brand visibility throughout the conference space using branded promotional sticky note pads. 


5. Memo Boards

For an even more useful office organization and reminder tool, go the extra mile (and spend a bit more) by bulk-ordering memo boards for your company’s employees. Make sure to customize these memo boards for each employee, to ensure they feel extra special. Thankfully, most organizations that offer bulk orders of memo boards can customize them for you without raising their prices significantly.

With any must-have office item that you order, ordering in bulk is sure to save you tons of money. The more you save throughout the business year, the better your yearly earnings will be in 2023.