Local businesses can seem like a difficult choice for new entrepreneurs. This is because you’re not afforded some of the luxuries that online at-home businesses can take advantage of, such as global outsourcing and a wider variety of platforms to advertise on such as social media. Although we can still take advantage of digital strategies to grow our businesses, the bottom line is that a local store needs to rely on its location in order to grow the business. Doing this will require some serious planning and innovative thinking in today’s business landscape, so we’re going to talk about five simple ways that you can empower and grow your local business and take it to the next level.


1. Utilize radio and print advertising


As a local business, you have to utilize local advertising methods such as radio and print in order to reach your intended audience. You’re likely not going to reach audiences in other cities or even on the other side of town, so until you grow incredibly popular to a level where people are willing to travel just to visit your store, you’re going to need to utilize local advertising platforms like radio and print such as newspapers.


2. Get to know your suppliers


Whether you’re buying wholesale rugs online or going to a local market to source ingredients for your bakery, you have to think about getting to know your local suppliers because they can provide excellent value for money no matter what you’re purchasing. Getting to know suppliers comes with plenty of advantages such as getting your supplies delivered in a timely manner, getting exclusive loyalty discounts and also learning about the industry and getting free tidbits of information.


3. Don’t neglect the power of social media


Although people might not want to visit your store from halfway across the country, social media can still grow and promote your brand by building up a solid digital presence. This will help with search engine optimization, online exposure and ultimately help to grow your company.


4. Get involved with the community


Even if your business can’t directly contribute to the community, it’s always a good idea to try and get involved with local events and find ways to get your name out there to the public. For instance, if you’re a bakery then you could provide snacks for community parties, or if you have a relatively large venue then you could host community events or even consider starting fundraisers.


5. Create a friendly and approachable atmosphere


Lastly, make sure your store is friendly and approachable. You want to get people to notice your store and feel like they should explore what you have to offer instead of being intimidating. Make sure you look for ways to create a more welcoming business such as training your staff to be more polite or having a nicer window display that shows off your products and services and piques people’s interest so that they’ll visit your store instead of just walking past.


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