In the last year, most property owners are spending more time at home. Tommy, of cashhousebuyersUSA - Irving Texas says as property owners seek to upgrade their homes, home-improvement projects are on the rise. Whether you’re planning on getting the sledgehammer out yourself or hiring a professional tradesperson, having a plan for all the projects you’d like to accomplish is a smart first step.


  1. What are the most important home improvements?


With remote working becoming the new norm, the biggest trend in home improvement is finding more space. People are looking for innovative solutions to create a home office, home gym, and if children are in the mix, a space dedicated for homeschooling. In addition to practical expansion needs, many people are seeking ways to transform their homes into a sanctuary. This may be fueling the trends for creating outdoor spaces, meditation gardens, and multi-use relaxation zones.


As we look for ways to expand the 4-walls and boost our sense of well-being, the key question becomes, “Where can you carve out extra space?”

  1. Where can you find extra space?


Among urban dwellers, this question is not new. It is a well-worn question for anyone who has lived in a desirable city such as London, San Francisco, or New York. Over the years, many professionals have found creative ways to live in tiny places by making unique changes within their four-walls. Trends in the past have included a wide array of repurposing rooms such as:


  • Transforming kitchens into in-home offices
  • Attic insulation removal to create an extra room
  • Building out a garage into a duplex 
  • Transforming a lost closet into a meditation cove
  • Repurposing a space under the stairs
  • Enclosing a porch to create an in-home spa


To get started, you’ll want to make critical decisions:


  1. Hire, Do It Yourself, or A Blend


If you have the skills to make these renovations yourself, you might be wondering if you should save the money or hire a tradesperson. 

If you don’t have the skills, you already know that you need to interview builders and get professional help.

Even if you do have skills, you may not have the energy, resources, and time. Planning a house remodeling project can be time-consuming. You may want help from a specialist.


  1. Define Priorities


While you may be dreaming of transforming your house into a multi-use building, start with clear priorities. If you need a home office to stay sane while working remotely and keep your finances steady, this may rise to the top of the list. If you are yearning for a sanctuary in the backyard, this may be a smart next step. 


By defining your priorities in advance, you can organize your life, project, and finances accordingly.


  1. Communicate and Coordinate


If you’re living alone, you just need to coordinate with yourself and any tradespeople. However, if you’re living with a partner, spouse, children, housemates, or extended family, communicating and coordinating schedules is essential.

Some of the renovations may influence schedules, patterns, and habits of daily living. Including everyone in the planning and coordination will make this a positive experience instead of a challenging one.


  1. What kind of protective equipment do you need?


Home renovation often requires builders, helpers, inspectors, and tradespeople to enter your home. For complete home renovations, you may need to get additional gear such as hard hats, facemasks, gloves, and shoe covers. Having these on hand can make life easier for you and for people who are coming and going from your home. 


  1. Who could help with the handy work?


Professional builders and renovators may be your first step to getting help. Nearly all trades used in home improvement were in high demand in the last year. Electricians were in 58% more demand than in 2016. Plumbers were hired 51% more, with carpet and flooring specialists also in demand.  Perhaps a friend or neighbor has the skills and time to help with your home improvement project.


Sum Up


Transforming your home for functionality and well-being is a high priority. As you create the space of your dreams, consider your best options for renovating—inside and outside.