Idoneus has announced their strategic partnership with CoinLock, a revolutionary cryptocurrency platform that delivers increased utility of IDON by providing transformational value-added services, free hedging, interest-free leverage and stabilized payments.

The partnership delivers immediate value to Idoneus’ customers, as IDON is incorporated into the Coinlock platform, dedicated to increasing the utilization of its native cryptocurrency, IDON. In particular, IDON holders will be able to:

  • Hedge and lock-in a fixed USD value on their IDON’s without paying any fees or having to sell their tokens, shielding against market volatility and enhancing IDON utility as a stable payment option.
  • Access interest-free leverage services: the platform allows traders to get 4x leverage and does so without charging any interest.
    Buy and sell IDON for free: Users transact directly, peer-to-peer, bypassing exchanges and their fees. Currently IDON can be bought or sold with USD and ETH.
  • Send IDON payments via email to other CoinLock members, as well as non-CoinLock members, for free.
  • Additional features, such as sending IDON payments via SMS and additional (crypto)currencies to buy and sell IDON are planned to be released in the coming months.

“This partnership with CoinLock provides our clients at Idoneus with additional avenues to utilize their IDON, as well as make the usage of IDON a lot more user-friendly” says Idoneus CEO Jarrett Preston. “We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to seeing the potential of CoinLock’s platform unfold into a much better way to manage cryptocurrency in general, and IDON in specific.”

Idoneus is a world leader for high value real estate, fine art, fine jewelry, luxury automobiles, yachts, aircraft, precious stones, precious metals and other asset transactions within the luxury market. Idoneus is digitalizing the purchase, sale and rental process for luxury assets, goods and services through the use of blockchain technology, and their cryptocurrency called IDON.

Idoneus customers can divest from an asset they currently no longer desire to own or to monetize the inventory of goods and services and move into an asset holding that has tremendous opportunities for utility in the luxury asset space as the token economy expands globally. This is set to transform the luxury market, increasing value, and placing Idoneus at the forefront of this evolution.

“Idoneus is working hard to advance the world of luxury goods into the future and we’re delighted to bring CoinLock’s unique services to both Idoneus and the IDON token” says Rikky Hasan, CEO of CoinLock.

To learn more about Idoneus and the IDON token, please visit the website and follow us on social media. If you would like to find out how you can save 10% on luxury asset acquisitions from the Idoneus Portfolio, please contact us at

To sign up to the CoinLock platform, please go to and register for a new account.