The value of business data is immense, and any company that doesn’t wish to be left behind understands that fact quite well. Now, the real question is, are their efforts enough? As there is no single, universal answer to this question, go through the following to find out for yourself.


Find and Hire the Right People


As of now, finding and hiring data scientists, data analysts, machine learning experts and data visualisation specialists is a key priority for many of the world’s leading companies. There are, however, three problems that most smaller organisations face while trying to find quality talent for their company’s analytics needs:

  1. They don’t know what makes a good data analyst or scientist and where to find them
  2. They don’t know what they actually do! and how to make your company attractive to them
  3. They don’t have the budget to hire data scientists, data analysts, and data visualisation experts full time



understands these issues all too well, and effectively solves them by connecting companies with the most suitable data visualisation specialists, data analysts, data scientists and machine learning experts. Datawrk’s online platform enables data professionals to work with more flexibility, which means that even the best data analysts and data visualisation experts can take on short-term projects for smaller companies, helping them excel.


Embed Data Streaming into Business Processes


In order to facilitate faster decision making in a remote working environment, data streaming should now become embedded in the company’s analytics and reporting processes. This allows for real-time actions, eliminating delays on both micro and macro levels. Alongside the obvious advantages of real-time decision making, embedding live data streams will also reduce the stress of work getting bottlenecked. That is, unless it is swiftly attended to by the leading executives in real-time, via embedded data feeds.


Update Your Data Infrastructures and Architectures


A lot has happened in the last few years, so if you are still using outdated data infrastructure and architecture, it is most certainly time to think about upgrading. You will need to hire a data architect or data engineer in order to help you make the necessary changes, though.


Understand the Impact of Covid-19 on Data Analytics


We all knew that nearly every industry was slowly shaping up to take a digital-first business outlook in the future, but that future has been sped up exponentially by the Covid-19 outbreak. The importance of understanding data science is greater than ever in 2020, skyrocketing the demand for analytics specialists as companies are increasingly under pressure to do more with less.