A new report, gathering the latest data on the top Southeast Asian Art collectors, has been released by ArtMarketGuru, featuring a comprehensive list and data of over 100 of the top collectors operating in Southeast Asia. This is the most up to date and extensive list of Southeast Asian art collectors, an unparalleled handbook for those seeking expertise on the region, and particularly those attending

Singapore Art Week in January 2018

. Now offered as part of a three-part package including expert art market intelligence and a list of the top artists of the region, the Southeast Asian Art Collectors Report comes at a pivotal moment for the Southeast Asian art scene. Next year’s Singapore Art Week will feature the first major retrospective of street art ever shown in Southeast Asia, a showcase of the best emerging and established artists of the region, and a special exhibition at the IMPART Collectors' Show (a new initiative by Art Outreach Singapore). The exhibition will feature a rare showcase of some of the international and local art from the private collections of two major Singaporean collectors, both of which are included in this report. Sales across major international art fairs and auctions houses show a growing interest in Southeast Asian art, supported both economically and culturally by a generation seeking emerging contemporary art and new ways in which to invest their wealth.

Singapore’s city-state’s export of all art increased by 40% to $304.5 million in 2014, according to the most recent TEFAF Art Market Report

, and it has been estimated by CNN that by 2020, one in 30 Singaporean residents will reach millionaire status. The top collectors report represents the most in?uential forces in the Southeast Asian art market, from major economy figures to more discreet collectors; a concise overview of who to know and a starting point to expand your knowledge of the scene. This market intelligence completes the expert art market knowledge review on the Southeast Asian region, compiled by the team of writers, researchers and high level advising consultants at


, with local expertise and in depth understanding and immersion in the world of Southeast Asian art. Founder of ArtMarketGuru, Frederic de Senarclens says:

“The Southeast Asia market is complex and difficult to penetrate. The art scene is in perpetual movement and players are not always easy to identify. With combined expertise in art market research, the team at ArtMarketGuru have created a concise and up to date view of the market for buyers. ArtMarketGuru brings together some of the biggest names in the market place with lesser known and up and coming players.”

ArtMarketGuru is also offering a package deal for those who wish to own the complete expert insider’s guide to the SouthEast Asian art world, including this latest Top Collectors Report alongside the previously released Southeast Asia Art Market Intelligence Report, for a special price of only USD 299. Further reports from ArtMarketGuru will expand on artists and collectors, and provide informed and comprehensive data from across the globe.