A reader writes:  We are thinking of hiring a Quality Control person, put them in a blazer and have them drop in on customers as a PR tactic.  What do you think? 

Response: Sounds like a great idea but I suggest you think carefully of the job description so that you get the most bang for your buck.  

First of all, I believe the title should be “Quality Control/ Trainer/ Fixer” with a clear understanding that the person hired does more that fill out reports.  I have seen too many Quality Control hires (better known as drones) who had little or no experience in custodial operations and simply brought back complaints and bad news to the staff and main office.  They did not have the experience or authority to fix even minor issues that would have really impressed the customer and assured them they had chosen the right cleaning service for their building.  

Following are some suggestions for selecting the most effective person for this very important position:

1.They must have a pleasant personality that allows them to listen in a non-threatening way to a customer’s concerns.  This does not mean they are pushovers but it does mean that they truly project customer focus in a positive manner.

2.They should know custodial operations and best practices intimately.  They should not have to be shown a poor strip/recoat job for the first time by the customer; rather they should have passed/failed it prior to visiting the site.

3.They should know how to lead while letting the customer feel they are in charge and valued.  The old adage about Fred Astaire being famous for dancing without taking note of the fact that Ginger Rogers did all the same steps backwards and in heels.

We will continue this topic in a future article. 

Your comments and questions are important. I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, keep it clean…