A happy workforce is essential to any thriving business. While most companies keep everything in-office and business professional, there are times when you may want to take your employees out for a treat. A day out of the office can do wonders for morale, where employees can engage in semi-professional behavior all while having a good time. Here are some places to consider taking your employees:


Casinos are basically adult playgrounds. You have your card games, your slot machines, your chance at prizes and money, and lots of social interaction. Those who don't like to gamble can enjoy

casino concerts

, fine dining, and other extras. A good rule of thumb when visiting a casino, and something that you should bring up with your employees, is that you should be careful of how much you spend if you decide to gamble. You don't want your employees to end up in the hole on what was supposed to be a fun company event. As for drinking, remind your employees that this is a company event, and they shouldn't indulge too much in alcohol. It would be a shame if someone drank too much and painted the company in a bad light on what was supposed to be a fun outing.

Theme Park

Theme parks are always a blast when you go with family, but going with your employees can be just as fun. Seeing coworkers interact with each other while going on fun rides and playing carnival games can also give a good insight into how they interact at work. You may find out that an employee may have a

fear of heights

, or really likes the horses on the merry-go-round. It could even be the inspiration for a great birthday gift! See which employees are brave enough to go on the fastest, tallest roller coaster in the park, or simply take it easy and go on some of the simpler rides coupled with casual conversation. Hit the gift shop at the end of the day and your team will have great memories they can take away both in their experiences and with some souvenirs.


Arcades are full of games and activities that everyone can enjoy. Whether it's simple basketball games, skeeball, air hockey, or one of several arcade video games, most people will find something to enjoy at arcades. Some arcades even have bumper cars, go-karts, and vertical rock walls to climb. Laser tag is another fun activity you can do there. Plus, create some healthy completion by having different departments compete against each other. Sales vs. customer service, laser tag tournament! Your employees would certainly get some enjoyment out of that.


It might be a bit cliché, but it's also tried-and-true. A

fun night of bowling

can relieve tension from office workers or other employees while giving them a chance to stretch their legs and have a little competition with each other. The laid-back atmosphere is great because they can loosen up a bit, especially if the company structure is somewhat rigid in the workplace. Some workplaces even have their own bowling leagues where employees meet up regularly to hit the lanes. A bowling lane outing could certainly breed such an event to bring your workers closer together and boost their morale by having something fun to do together outside of work on a regular basis.


A company picnic is something else. Have everyone bring their favorite dish and snacks, rent a pavilion at a local park, and set up for a fun afternoon in the sun. Play some music, enjoy some games, and appreciate the fresh outdoors with employees who are otherwise usually cooped up in a building all day. Perhaps even have them bring their families along to spread the love and happiness, and have family members see and interact with the people their loved ones are working with.

Sports Event

If you've got a lot of employees who are sports fans, you might consider expensing a day out to a local sports game. Basketball, baseball, and even tennis usually have games being played nearby so you can probably find a good fit for your employees. Maybe take a poll to see which sport they'd like to spectate. There are lots of places you can take your employees out to have fun. The only thing to remember is that you want to reward them for their hard work and give them a chance to have some fun outside of the normal work routine. Take care of your employees and they'll take care of you.