Every business has to borrow occasionally whether its help with some temporary cash flow problems or to afford new equipment or even to cover initial startup costs. Here are some of the best ways to borrow money for business that won’t result in your paying huge interest rates or unnecessary charges.

Bank loans

Many banks offer generous business loans with low interest rates. This can be an excellent option if you need to borrow a lot of money for startup costs. Bank loans can take a while to process, so aren’t a good emergency option. You may also need to have a good credit score in order to gain access to these loans. Compare multiple banks to find the best option for you.

Credit cards

You may also want to consider owning a credit card for business expenses. Credit cards are excellent if you need to access emergency cash quickly and some have very low interest rates, however you will have a spending limit and will need to take some self-control in order to avoid racking up huge bills. Guides such as these top credit cards by the Motley Fool can help you to find the best card for your needs. There are specialist business credit cards on the market that could be more suitable.

Invoice factoring

If you’re having trouble with late-paying clients, you could always look into a specialist form of borrowing called invoice factoring. This allows to borrow the money that you are legally owed so that you can keep your cash flow healthy. You can then pay the lender back once your clients pay you their invoices. Such lenders may only charge a small bit of interest, which can make this a great way to borrow money for those who have been put into debt for no fault of their own.

Peer-to-peer lending

When it comes to private lenders, you’re often best using peer to peer lending sites. These are sites where users can borrow money from other users. This method can allow you to borrow money quickly and interest rates are favourable. Some sites may even allow you to borrow huge amounts, which could be useful if you’re starting a business or need to pay for a big improvement. Stick to trusted peer to peer lending sites such as Lending Club.

Seeking investors

Seeking investment isn’t really a form of borrowing at all, however it could be an extra option for those looking for some extra funds for their business. You’re best off seeking investment to cover startup costs or fund a large improvement to your business. Investors usually won’t part with their money unless there’s something in it for them – this often means offering them a share of your future company profits. Some hands-on investors may even be able to act as business advisors, funding your company development as well as offering experienced business advice to help your company become a success.

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