Programmatic advertising is on the rise, everything is switching to this new technology. YouYaa comes into the market to simplify the service for everyone.


Programmatic marketing shouldn't be complicated. It provides enough tools to make digital marketing easier and accessible: it gives companies data transparency, the ability to tailor it to their goals and, utterly, it provides a simpler way to control campaigns. In fact, programmatic marketing is the future of advertising. Unfortunately, not all companies have had the chance to add programmatic marketing into their usual advertising practices. Until now. Because YouYaa, a London based digital marketing agency, has just launched an artificial intelligence powered programmatic marketing platform. Founded by entrepreneur Zeeshan Mallick, YouYaa provides an easy to use platform that delivers high-end programmatic marketing on desktop, mobile, in-app and video advertising without the need to interface with multiple stakeholders and businesses.


YouYaa just launched its new programmatic marketing platformYouYaa just launched its new programmatic marketing platform

YouYaa is a single platform that integrates with the top 30 ad networks providing over 97% coverage in Europe and the Americas as well as high levels of coverage in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Coupled with an AI system that works 24/7 to optimise campaigns, a real-time bidding platform and an array of tools to target the right customer at the right time, YouYaa is able to provide campaigns that are designed to lower the cost of advertising to your business while maintaining an increasing level of sales/leads coming through the digital door. The platform aims to make programmatic marketing accessible to a wider array of companies around the world and includes:


  • AI-powered programmatic platform working to demystify the programmatic space.
  • Providing a fully transparent platform, built in brand safety and protection against programmatic fraud

Zeeshan Mallick, CEO of YouYaa believes programmatic marketing is the future of advertising. He said,

"Programmatic is already here, the large part of ads that we now see are programmatically powered and therefore, have traditionally been costly to run due to the amount of manual work that has traditionally gone into running the system. What we want to do is provide programmatic marketing to the masses. The SME's out there who what to expand their marketing efforts, drive higher sales or leads but not spend every last penny or cent of their marketing budget. At YouYaa, we can do just that."

To support the CEO's vision, YouYaa is providing 3 months of fee-free programmatic advertising which can save companies thousands in their marketing budget. Potentially opening the doors for those small to medium size businesses that want to incorporate programmatic marketing in their marketing strategy but have been held back due to worries of the high cost. YouYaa Ltd is a programmatic marketing agency providing an artificial intelligence powered programmatic marketing platform through a single simple interface. YouYaa offers businesses the ability to use programmatic advertising as part of a wider marketing strategy to run prospecting and retargeting strategies. Businesses get full access to their account data as well as full transparency on their costs.