In times of uncertainty, building trust and coming together with ideas and best strategies is more important than ever. There are many challenges to overcome, from the widespread adoption of Fintech services to further empowering Women’s role in society. All those main topics were discussed in the Women In Tech Day and Fintech Day at the Digital Week Online, which happened on 8-12th March.

Covid-19 has triggered a global acceleration to digital solutions. But this unprecedented technological revolution needs to be properly addressed so no one is left behind, while all these trends are properly understood. The financial industry is at the forefront of that digital revolution, with trends ranging from integrating cryptocurrencies into the monetary system to Fintech new innovative solutions. All those topics were discussed on Fintech Day, co-hosted by CryptoLaw Partners, PALcapital and MaGESpire. This will be one of the hottest days finalizing the Digital Week Online event– there we will discuss global Fintech trends, CBDC, DeFi and many other important topics. Likewise, this year we are excited to see the realization of women empowerment across all layers of society. And we were happy to give voice to those women leading the change. 

On  8th March, Women Leadership Day opened the Digital Week Online with the insights of the world’s brightest women in digital communications, blockchain and fintech, femtech, investments. Yamilette Cano (Louder Global), Bowie Lau (MaGESpire), Maria Jones (The Third Millennium Woman), Carman Chan (Click Ventures), Brittany Kaiser (Own Your Data Foundation), Jane Nguyen (PALcapital), and many other female leaders shared their vision, success stories, passion, and experience, showing the real power of Women.  March 9th - the DeepTech Forum, organized by Sanctum Ventures, covered such topics as Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Space Technologies, Green Energy, Agriculture Tech and Quantum Computing. March 10th, the



Digital Transformation Day, devoted to the Global Digital Transformation was co-hosted By Ztudium and Dinis Guarda. The and founder hosted a whole one-day event around major topics: the 4th industrial revolution, Smart Cities, the impact of Covid 19 and a special focus on a positive note for the future in the shape of building a better society, the Society 5.0.

“In this time of unprecedented disruption due to the global pandemic, we must base the future of society on the strong foundations of the 4th Industrial Revolution and Society 5.0. Trust and coming together with ideas and best strategies is more important than ever.”

Dinis Guarda, partner, curator, founder, CEO openbusinesscouncil and citiesabc. March 11th  -Innovation Tech Day, co-hosted by PALcapital, was focused on ESG & Impact investments, Corporate Innovation, Privacy & Cybersecurity, Gaming & Entertainment. Privacy & Cybersecurity Session, organized by PrivacyRules, brought together representatives of Bloomberg, Foundation for Interwallet Operability, wizlynxgroup, Tanner De Witt, PALcapital, with the hottest discussion about the use of Bitcoin/other cryptocurrencies in the context of ransomware incidents/investigations. The day was launched with Startup Pitch Competition, sponsored and supported by StartmeupHK, the department of InvestHK, the Government of Hong Kong SAR. and co-organized by Seedstars. 10 startups pitched their project to VC investors from Netrove Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, EnToro Capital, and others. March 12th  -Fintech Day co-hosted by CryptoLaw Partners and Grodon Einstein, MaGESpire, PALcapital. This is one of the hottest days finalizing the week and covering global Fintech trends, CBDC, DeFi, NFT, The Future of Finance, Banking for Unbanked. The opening of the day with the keynote given by Ben Zhou, CEO of ByBit, a Gold Sponsor of FinTech Day and Women Leadership Day, highlighted the trends of the present and future, which will be definitely linked to decentralization of finance, adoption of cryptocurrencies, new financial and investment tools, available for every person on the Earth. This opinion was confirmed by Jason Luo, Head of Business Development and CEO of Bitforex, a Gold Sponsor of Digital Week Online, during his keynote speech about the challenges and opportunities of 2020/2021, the latest trends in digital assets and exchanges markets, future plans of Bitforex, such as DEX, incubation platform for project, and more. Watch the replay of the keynote in the video below: 200+ top-level speakers, 100+ professional investors, 48000+  unique viewers on Youtube from 5 continents, hundreds of meetings and contacts made on the networking platform  - that are results of Digital Week Online Spring 2021. The event was organized by Uvecon.Pro, ECIDE, Invest Show. The next Digital Week Online is planned in Sep-Oct 2021.

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