Dr. Yossi Sheffi, author and academic is the latest guest in Dinis Guarda YouTube podcast. From his role as the Director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL) and the Elisha Gray II Professor, both experts go through the impact, risks and opportunities that advancements in AI are making in supply chains and, ultimately, in the future of work. A new interview powered by citiesabc and openbusinesscouncil.

AI has a profound impact on supply chains and the future of work. With its advanced capabilities in data analysis, machine learning, and automation, AI technologies revolutionize various aspects of supply chain management, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making processes. And that is the topic that Dinis Guarda and Dr. Yossi Sheriff goes through in the latest interview for his podcast.

Dr. Yossi Sheffi is an academic, author, entrepreneur and thought leader in engineering systems. He is the Director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL) and the Elisha Gray II Professor, where he focuses on systems optimization, risk management, and supply chain operations. Dr. Sheffi has authored influential books on management, including "The New (Ab)Normal" and "A Shot in the Arm." His new book, "The Magic Conveyor Belt," explores the future of supply chains and automation.

Dr Yossi Sheffi Interview Questions

1. Could you please start by telling us a little bit about your background?

2. Could you share with us about your earlier career paths and your motivations or inspiration?

3. What inspired you to write the book "The Magic Conveyor Belt: Supply Chains, A.I., and the Future of Work"?

4. According to the book, what are the cooperative roles of both people and technology in shaping the future of supply chains?

5. How do you address the misconceptions surrounding the impact of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) on jobs in supply chains and other sectors?

6. How does the book explore the interplay between people, processes, and A.I. in the context of supply chains?

7. What unique perspective do you bring to the discussion of supply chains, considering his extensive experience and expertise in the field?

8. How do advancements in technology, such as artificial intelligence and automation, impact the future of supply chains and global economies?

9. How does technology play a pivotal role in achieving sustainability goals and addressing environmental challenges?

10. In what ways does technology shape the landscape of entry-level employment and how does it influence the opportunities open to future generations?

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Dr Yossi Sheffi Biography

Dinis Guarda Interviews Dr. Yossi Sheffi, Author of The Magic Conveyer Belt Exploring the Future of Work, Supply Chains, and AI 1.png
The Magic Conveyor Belt: Supply Chains, A.I., and the Future of Work (Source: MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics)

Dr. Yossi Sheffi is an esteemed academic and thought leader in the field of engineering systems. He holds the prestigious Elisha Gray II Professorship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and serves as the Director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL). With a focus on systems optimization, risk management, and supply chain operations, Dr. Sheffi conducts groundbreaking research and imparts his knowledge to students at MIT and other leading institutions worldwide.

An accomplished author, Dr. Sheffi has written numerous influential books on management, including notable works such as "The New (Ab)Normal: Reshaping Business and Supply Chain Strategy Beyond Covid-19" (2020) and "A Shot in the Arm: How Science, Engineering, and Supply Chains Converged to Vaccinate the World" (2021). His forthcoming book, "The Magic Conveyor Belt: Supply Chains, A.I., and The Future of Work," released in April 2023, offer fresh insights into the evolving landscape of supply chains and automation.

Under Dr. Sheffi's guidance, the MIT CTL has achieved remarkable milestones, launching groundbreaking programs and initiatives. These include the MIT Master of Engineering in Logistics program, established in 1998, and the widely acclaimed MITx MicroMasters program in supply chain management, which has attracted over a million registrants since its inception in 2016. Dr. Sheffi's leadership and dedication to advancing education and industry collaboration have cemented the MIT CTL's reputation as a global hub for supply chain excellence.

Dr. Sheffi's influence extends beyond academia through his consulting work with government agencies and prominent global enterprises in the manufacturing, retail, and transportation sectors. Additionally, he is a serial entrepreneur, having successfully founded and led five companies, including LogiCorp; PTCG; e-Chemicals; Logistics.com; and Syncra Systems. All of them were later acquired by larger organizations. His expertise and captivating speaking style have made him a sought-after speaker at corporate and professional events worldwide.

Dr. Sheffi's academic journey includes earning a B.Sc. from the Technion in Israel (1975), an S.M. from MIT (1977), and a Ph.D. from MIT (1978). Currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Sheffi continues to inspire and shape the field of engineering systems through his remarkable contributions to research, education, and industry innovation.

Learn more about Dr. Yossi Sheffi on https://openbusinesscouncil.org/wiki/yossi-sheffi

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